155km also possible? KIA 1R right-hander Cho Dae-hyun finalized… kt, Kiwoom, SSG 1R yawns

The day of reckoning has arrived. The rookie draft is a war without gunfire.

That’s the job of scouts, and that’s why they’ve had such a hard time this year. Especially nowadays, with free-agent inflation, it’s even more important to develop rookies well, which is why so many people in baseball are focusing their attention on the draft.

So far this year, pitching has been super strong. Overwhelmingly, pitchers are expected to be strong. The top five is unchanged.

Hwang Jun-seo (Jangchung), Kim Taek-yeon (Incheon), Jeon Mir (Gyeongbuk), Yuk Sun-yeop (Jangchung), and Kim Hui-gun (Huimun) are solid. There is no room for change.

The question is at number six. It depends on which player the Kia Tigers choose. Kia considered Won Sang-hyun (Busan Go) and Cho Dae-hyun (Gangneung Go).

However, Kia ultimately settled on Cho as their first-round pick. He’s struggling right now, but he’s a resource who can hit 155 kilometers when he gets going. He’s also a right-handed fireballer with a good batting average, which is what KIA was looking for. “He may be lower than other candidates right now, but he has a very high upside,” said a source from the parent club.

With KIA choosing Cho Dae-hyun, Won Sang-hyun is a natural choice for KT. KT’s first priority is Won Sang-hyun. They have a firm intention to take Won if he comes down in the order.

Kiwoom was initially considered to have one outfielder and one pitcher, but the possibility of two non-outfielders has become very likely. It’s likely they’ll call up Seoul ace Kim Yoon-ha and Jeon Jun-pyo.

The SSG sees a left-handed pitcher and an infielder. The left-handed pitcher is Jung Hyun-soo, a college graduate, and the outfielder is Park Ji-hwan. Park Ji-hwan is an infielder, but he can also be used as an outfielder because he has good shoulders, fast feet, and good contact ability.

If you want to pick a fielder, Park Ji-hwan has a 100% chance, but he may not be SSG’s first choice. SSG is also looking at college graduate Jung Hyun-soo. Currently, Park Ji-hwan and Jung Hyun-soo are at a crossroads for SSG. One of them will be chosen by the SSG. The odds are 50/50. Whatever happens, there isn’t much room for change in the TOP12.

Hwang Jun-seo, Kim Taek-yeon, Jeon Mir, Yuk Sun-yeop, Kim Hwi-gun, Cho Dae-hyun, Won Sang-hyun, Jeon Jun-pyo, Kim Yoon-ha, Jung Hyun-soo or Park Ji-hwan make up the top 11 who will compete in the first round.

Add to that Cho Dong-wook, who is likely to be the top pick in the second round, and you have a solid top 12.

College degree and lefty dominate the second round. Left-handed is an emerging keyword in Round 2. Round 2 is an unpredictable area.

At this point, there are no lefties of Cho’s caliber, and Hanwha’s team composition absolutely requires a lefty. Therefore, the general consensus is that Hanwha will take Dong-wook no matter what.

A representative from the parent club said, “I don’t expect a second round pick. But Hanwha has no shortage of right-handed pitchers. They also have a lot of infielders. The team needs a lefty so badly that no matter who comes down, I think Cho Dong-wook’s chances are high. It’s a stroke of genius to be able to pick so many good lefties in a row.”

Hanwha is unlikely to have the No. 1 overall pick next year, so there is some speculation that Hanwha could take a lefty as early as the third round this year. Gyeonggi-go’s Kim Min-kyun and Jeonju’s Son Hyun-ki are among the top candidates.

If SG chooses Jung Hyun-soo, Doosan could very well take Park Ji-hwan. If SSG chooses Park Ji-hwan, Doosan will most likely get Yeo Dong-gun.

Lotte also depends on the SSG’s choice. If SSG chooses Jung Hyun-soo, Lotte has a good chance of getting Dong-gun Yeo, and if SSG chooses Park Ji-hwan, Lotte has a good chance of getting Jung Hyun-soo.

This means that Doosan and Lotte’s second rounds will depend on SSG’s choice.

Next in line are Park Jun-yong (Suseong University) and Kim Sang-hyun (Daegu Sangwon University), who are the players with the most at stake for Samsung and NC. Park Jun-yong is popular because he is a two-year student, so the age difference is not as big as it is for high school graduates, and his pitches and delivery are said to be excellent. 온라인카지노

Clinical Hyun is considered the most complete right-hander in the second round among high school graduates. As of now, the situation is that these two players are being considered as the finalists for the top of the 2R.

Beyond that, the competition is fierce. Beyond the middle of the second round, it’s completely unpredictable. Among outfielders, Lee Jae-sang (Seongnam High), Lee Sang-joon (Gyeonggi High), and Lim Jong-sung (Gyeongbuk High) are the most talked about second-rounders.

On the pitching side, in addition to Cho Dong-wook, Park Joon-yong, and Hyun Sang-hyun, Yuk Cheong-myeong (Gangneung High), Park Joon-woo (Yushin University), and Jin Woo-young (formerly of Kansas City) are being talked about in the second round.

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