‘2 years 1R nomination right X’ Pepper Savings Bank, save the present exchanged for the future

Pepper Savings Bank faced a difficult task. It is regrettable that perhaps this difficult situation could have been prevented before it came.

On the 2nd, Pepper Savings Bank and Korea Expressway Corporation carried out a trade. Lee Go-eun, who went to Korea Expressway Corporation as a compensation player for Park Jung-ah, returns to Pepper Savings Bank, and middle blocker Choi Ga-eun transfers to Korea Expressway Corporation instead. In this process, Pepper Savings Bank’s 2023-2024 season new player draft 1st round nomination rights and Korea Expressway Corporation’s 2023-2024 season new player draft 2nd round nomination rights were exchanged.

It is unfortunate that Choi Ga-eun, who grew up as a key resource for the team last season, must be sent to Korea Expressway Corporation, but losing the right to pick in the first round is just as bad. In this draft, where there are many promising players such as Kim Se-bin (Hanbom High School), Jeon Su-min (Geunyoung Girls’ High School), and Gwak Seon-ok (Ilshin Yeosang), including Kim Se-bin (Hanbom High School), who is evaluated as the best player, the first-round pick will not be able to be exercised. In addition, Pepper Savings Bank does not have the right to pick in the first round in the rookie draft next year. This is because when Oh Ji-young was recruited from GS Caltex during last season, he gave away the right to nominate in the first round of the 2024-2025 season rookie draft.

At the time, GS Caltex coach Sang-Hyun Cha said, “I thought it would be an unreasonable request to ask for the nomination right for the next season (2023-2024 season) due to the team circumstances of Pepper Savings Bank. So I first suggested what the next season’s nomination rights would be like, and the interests were right. If Pepper Savings Bank had included Lee Go-eun when submitting the list of protected players to the Korea Expressway Corporation, it is regrettable that this nomination right would still be owned by Pepper Savings Bank.

Anyway, things have already happened. There is a feeling of crying and eating mustard, but Pepper Savings Bank made a choice to buy the present by selling the future, a judgment often made in professional sports. The fans’ voices of criticism are getting louder and louder, and now we have to make this choice the right one by making good results somehow.

However, it is never easy to succeed in choosing to sell the future and buy the present. Even in the NBA, the sport where this choice occurs most frequently, there are numerous examples of failure. The Los Angeles Clippers gave away seven first-round picks in the process of trading Oklahoma City superstar Paul George to challenge for the championship in 2019, but so far they have never won the Finals. This season as well, the Minnesota Timberwolves sacrificed 4 first-round picks (1st, 1st-5th place protection) to recruit center Rudy Gobert, but Minnesota was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

토스카지노 The conditions for Pepper Savings Bank to succeed in this difficult challenge are also difficult. First of all, Ha Hye-jin, who is returning from injury, and MJ Phillips, who joined the Asian quarter, must fill the vacancy of Choi Ga-eun. In addition, during the two years without the right to be nominated for the first round, promising players in the team, such as Park Sang-rang and Yeom Eor-hung, should grow up and erase the regret of the suspension of supply and demand for prospects. Therefore, the ability of Aachen Kim, who is accustomed to nurturing young players from college volleyball and can communicate directly with Phillips in English, has become very important.

The die has been cast, and the fans’ voices of criticism are getting louder and louder. The only way to dispel this criticism is to prove it with results like a professional team. Will Pepper Savings Bank prove they were right after the 2023-2024 season, or will they admit they were wrong?

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