‘A batting average of 35% – a batting average of 70%’ Is this the shortstop who was kicked out 3 years ago…“I want to become an All-Star and Golden Globe”

Kiwoom Heroes Edison Russell (29), who returned after 3 years, is showing outstanding performance in Gongsuju.

Russell signed a contract with Kiwoom during the 2020 season and took his first steps in the KBO League. Russell, who was selected as a National League All-Star in 2016 and was a member of the Cubs’ first World Series championship in 108 years, was highly anticipated, but had difficulty preparing properly due to COVID-19 quarantine and batted .254 in 65 games (62 hits in 244 at-bats). ), 2 homers, 31 RBIs, and an OPS of .653. Ultimately, Russell failed to renew his contract after the season.

Russell, who could not renew the contract with Kiwoom, showed a different appearance while playing in the Mexican League. He hit 32 home runs over two years, and especially last season, he played an active role with a batting average of 3.4 8 Lee (97 hits in 279 at bats), 24 home runs, 74 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.120 in 80 games. Kiwoom, who paid attention to Russell’s changed appearance, recruited Russell again ahead of this season. There was a judgment that if we prepare for the season together from spring camp, we will show a good performance in the KBO League.

Russell, who returned after 3 years, is performing as expected of Kiwoom. He’s posting a . He is showing good performances in shortstop defense and runner play, making several highlight films.

Russell, who expressed his confidence, saying, “The batting condition is good overall,” said, “But I will continue to work hard. I want to keep the good pace right now. The thing I care about the most is the timing of the strike. And it’s not that my swing is bad now, but I want to refine it a little more. I like the old swing better, so I want to find the swing back then.”

Playing in the Mexican League was the turning point, and Russell, who thoroughly prepared for the season, said, “There was a technical change while playing in the Mexican League. But more importantly, in 2020, there were many difficulties because I joined during the season, and this year, I prepared for the season with the team from spring camp. I am playing the season with a much more satisfying and comfortable mind.”

Russell’s most surprising metric this season is his scoring position batting average. Although it is still early in the season, his scoring position reached a batting average of 70.6 Li (12 hits in 17 at-bats), 1 home run and 14 RBIs. Russell, who is playing the role of the center line, said, “I am just working hard. There is no pressure or pressure to be the center hitter. However, it is a style that puts a lot of pressure on oneself. Right now, my condition is quite good, and I am playing with confidence to match it.”

Russell, who is cruising at the beginning of the season, said, “This year, I want to win the KBO League shortstop Golden Glove or go to the All-Star Game. If that happens, it will be a great honor. I will do my best in what I can do now,” he set his goal for this season. 메이저놀이터

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