After all, Messi was a professional… Absence from training → Saudi Arabia controversial direct apology “could not be canceled”

Lionel Messi was also a pro.

Recently, Messi has been plagued by controversy over not attending Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) training. The initial report was that Messi went on vacation to Saudi Arabia without the club’s permission, and in the process he left PSG training without permission.

토토사이트 However, this was the result of a lack of communication between the player and the club. Messi had previously been planning a trip to Saudi Arabia due to a schedule related to the Saudi Tourism Ambassador. To this end, he has been steadily coordinating schedules with the club. Originally, there was no training the day after the game, so Messi left for Saudi Arabia, but the club suddenly planned additional training due to the match loss.

If you look at the results alone, Messi did not participate in the training planned by the club. In response, PSG gave Messi a two-week suspension for not participating in training. He is not simply unable to play in the game, but it is a heavy punishment that prevents him from participating in training. He was also reported to have suspended his weekly wages for that period.

This controversy was not easy to believe at first. This is because there has never been a time when Messi has not shown his professional attitude during his long career as a player. It was hard to foresee Messi’s personal behavior going as far as violating his training. It was one of the few incidents where Messi’s professionalism was questioned.

As the controversy continued, Messi stepped forward. On the 6th, Messi appeared on his personal SNS in a suit and said, “I wanted to make this video after everything happened. First, I apologize to my teammates and the club. I thought there would be,” he said.

“I planned a trip to Saudi Arabia this time, but I couldn’t cancel it. I’ve already canceled it several times. Once again, I apologize for what I did. I will wait for the club’s decision,” he bowed his head.

Now the baton has passed back to PSG. PSG are currently running at the top of the league, but with five games remaining, the gap between them and Marseille in second place is only five points. If you don’t even win the league, it’s a situation that will be a season of complete failure. It has become important how the punishment given to Messi will be handled.

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