‘Aren’t you throwing straight?’ Han Dong-hee awakened by slap, first three-hit game of the season: ‘Thank you Hun-yi’

“Why don’t you throw straight?” senior Jeong-hoon kicked the junior Han Dong-hee in the butt for making a one-bound throw to first base despite a good catch.

When Han Dong-hee, who had a great game in the first inning that drew applause from starting pitcher Stratton, made a one-base throw with plenty of time to spare in the fourth inning, first baseman Jung Hoon scolded the junior.

Third baseman Han Dong-hee, who was running towards the first base dugout, waved and made an apologetic gesture towards first baseman Jeong Hoon, who neatly prevented the situation that could have led to a throwing error, but the senior’s punishment was waiting for him.

The first game of a three-game weekend series between the Lotte Giants and KIA Tigers at Sajik Stadium on the 2nd. In the top of the first inning, KIA’s Socrates hit a 134km slider from Lotte starter Striley. The ball sailed high into the infield.

The ball sailed high in the infield. The ball caught the wind and sailed into the third-base bleachers. At the moment when it was expected to be a foul ball, Lotte third baseman Han Dong-hee ran towards the ball without paying attention to the fence.

When she reached the fence, she grabbed it with her right hand, jumped up, and caught a Socratic pitch in her glove that would have been a foul. With Han Dong-hee at third base, Lakeview starter Staley finished the first inning without allowing a run.

Unlike Streeley, who started the first inning with a no-hitter, the most difficult inning for a starting pitcher, KIA’s Yang Hyun-jong fell victim to Lotte’s batting ‘momentum’. After giving up nine runs in the second inning, including a grand slam by Lee Hak-joo, Yang was pulled early, while Strillie pitched comfortably with plenty of run support.

Han Dong-hee, who hasn’t been hitting well lately and was dropped from the starting line-up, batted lower in the order. After drawing a walk in her first at-bat, she made a ‘win’ move in her second at-bat, hitting a single against KIA’s Yang Hyun-jong in the second inning. It was a moment that broke the ice.

In the fourth inning, with a 9-0 lead, Lotte defended. In the second inning, KIA’s Lee Woo-sung pulled a hard grounder towards third baseman Han Dong-hee, who quickly assessed the pitch with a “pop” and stretched out his glove in a dash.

After making a smooth, accurate catch on a tricky pitch, Han took a step and threw to first baseman Jung Hoon. The batter, Lee Woo-sung, was not quick on his feet, so he had plenty of time. The ball left the third baseman’s fingertips and was one-bound in front of the first baseman. 토토사이트

In a situation where he could have fallen backwards, veteran first baseman Jeong Hoon stretched out his legs and lowered his stance to catch the ball in the mitt.

As Han Dong-hee approached the dugout with a sullen look on her face, Jung-hoon kicked her on the butt to wake her up. The senior’s whip didn’t stop Han Dong-hee from smiling, showing that Lotte has been on a roll lately.

In addition to her focused defence, the third baseman was also on fire at the plate. She went 3-for-4 with two doubles, two RBIs, two runs scored and one walk. It was her first three-hit game of the season and a sign of her resurgence.

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