Argentine ‘exciting’ in Messi’s ‘Golden Homecoming’ ‥ designated as an ’emergency holiday’

“Now Messi is here.”

After a while, the door of the plane opens, and Messi, wearing a gold medal around his neck and winning the World Cup trophy, emerges.

Messi, looking brighter than ever, signaled the start of his triumphal march with a thumbs up.

The entire airport area, which had been waiting with bated breath for the appearance of the ‘soccer emperor’, was instantly enveloped in cheers.

The national team players, thrilled by the enthusiastic welcome of their country, couldn’t hide their joy.

The camera also captured the image of the national team’s bus being unable to move as it was surrounded by crowds of people on its way to the accommodation.

Major overseas media outlets, such as CNN, reported Messi’s return live and conveyed the festive atmosphere in Argentina.

[CNN] “The legendary 35-year-old champion who led Argentina to victories not only in the final but also in the early stages of the tournament. A national hero and champion.”

After a while, the fight for a place to watch the national team’s ‘Car Parade’, which took place at noon local time, was also ignited early. 메이저사이트

Every route the march passed was crowded with soccer fans who did not mind ‘waiting all night’.

The Argentine government unexpectedly designated the national team’s return day as an emergency holiday to heighten the festive mood.

Prior to returning to Korea, Messi wrote on his Instagram account, “It was something I had dreamed of for a long time and wanted so much” and “Thank you to everyone who believed in me.”

More than 50 million ‘likes’ were reached in one day, breaking the previous record of likes for sports stars set by rival Ronaldo.

Unfortunately, we missed the trophy, but the French national team was also warmly welcomed.

“Mbappe! Mbappe! Mbappe!”

Thousands of citizens gathered at Concorde Square in Paris to applaud the national team for winning consecutive championships.

This is MBC News Yoon Seong-cheol.