At the edge of the brink Shinhan Gunadan coach “Han Chae-jin may be the last game”

Shinhan Bank coach Guna Dan, who was driven to the edge of a cliff, pitched multiple camps in the second round of the playoffs (PO). On this day, which is Han Chae-jin’s birthday ahead of his retirement, he pledged to win. 바카라사이트

Coach Koo said ahead of the second game of Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 season WKBL PO held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 13th, “Unlike the first game, only a few modifications were made. It’s important. It’s the home court, so I’m looking forward to shooting,” he said. “It’s difficult if Sonia Kim can’t release it aggressively. It won’t turn out the way you want it to. I hope the players will make good judgments on the court according to the situation.”

Tall Kim Tae-yeon is selected again. Director Koo said, “Today, we start with Kim Tae-yeon. I’m trying to find a positive factor while allowing it to a certain extent. It’s better to play (Kim) Taeyeon in the beginning and switch to a small lineup if things don’t go well.”

He also emphasized that the dependence on Kim Sonia and Kim Jin-young should be reduced. Coach Koo said, “Sonia Kim and Jin-young Kim did well in the two games we won (against Woori Bank). But when we won 2 games, the opponent wasn’t a full member. If you’re that member now, you don’t have a good chance to dig in. Not only Kim Jin-young and Kim Sonia, but other players also have to step up. When we won, Han Chae-jin and Kim Ah-reum did well. well done evenly In the first game of PO, the 3-point shots of Kim Ah-reum, Han Chae-jin, and Kim Sonia did not go in too much. We must not rely only on Sonia Kim and Jinyoung Kim.”

If you lose just one game, the season is over. Coach Koo said, “Han Chae-jin thinks this season is his last season. It’s my birthday again today. It could be Han Chae-jin’s last match. With one mind and one will, we said that we should run for each other no matter what the outcome is.”

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