Athletes are left to right, and the captain is controversial for misstatement… ‘Spring’ of Suwon Samsung, unable to find a way out

Suwon Samsung’s spring of 2023 is not spring.

Suwon fans are even more troubled by the controversy over the front desk even in the team where even the effect of hardening the coach has disappeared.

On the 18th, Suwon went into an emergency system as manager Lee Byung-geun put down the baton after the previous defeat in Jeju. Head coach Choi Seong-yong stepped up as acting manager and temporarily took over the baton. Immediately followed by a super match against rival FC Seoul.

Acting Choi operated a ‘shift’ that raised Lee Ki-je, a fullback, but as this experiment failed, he was defeated in a super match 1-3. Acting Choi had to admit the reality of the ‘strong team’ Seoul and the ‘weak team’ Suwon at the press conference after the match.

On the 25th, during the midweek match against the Pohang Steelers, he changed the offense instead of the defense. I chose the zero-top card, placing Kim Bo-kyung as a left winger and Jeon Jin-woo in the center.

However, in the 4th minute of the first half, Kim Seung-dae made a fatal mistake and conceded the first goal. Afterwards, the tallest Powed and Mulich were put in to make a difference, but rather, it was fortunate that Pohang did not concede an extra run, and they played a poor game and lost again.

Dae-haeng Choi also tries to overcome the difficulties in various ways by putting heads together with the coaches, but the goal for the second game is not working. Immediately after the match against Pohang, he indirectly showed how great the psychological grievance was by remarking that he could take responsibility and discuss his future.

Acting Choi will take the helm at the home game against Daegu at 4:30 pm on the 30th. Seoul and Pohang are the top teams in the league, so the logic is that they were a team that couldn’t be bothered by Suwon right now. However, the situation could be different if they lose to Daegu, a mid-level team.

Appointment of an official supervisor should also be done together, but no specific process has been revealed yet. In the match against Pohang, CEO Lee Joon and other senior executives from Suwon accompanied him on an expedition, and general manager Oh Dong-seok said through the media that he had not yet contacted the coaching candidates.

In particular, General Manager Oh directly mentioned the real names of two coaches who are currently performing well in other K-League 1 clubs, and expressed his intention to bring in a commanding tower as capable as them, but this was again embroiled in controversy.

The Suwon supporter requested an apology and a meeting, saying, “It is an interview that lowers the morale of the team 크크크벳.”

He is biting his tongue, saying that he is driving the team even further into a corner, even to the front desk, which needs to be repaired.

It’s not the time to relax just because it’s the beginning. When the 11th round, which is held once per team, is completed, the gap between the upper, middle, and lower ranks can widen.

If a good fireman doesn’t come right away, you can even suffer the shame of direct relegation, let alone promotion playoffs (PO) for two consecutive years. The front desk also needs to take responsibility, not the attitude of asking for responsibility.

If Suwon fails to win against Daegu on the 30th, it will fall into an unprecedented 10-game winless swamp in the history of the club. Only one team, Incheon United in 2020, survived after 10 draws after the opening.

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