Can fans be convinced?…’Three reasons’ why Liverpool gave up signing Bellingham

3 reasons why Liverpool gave up Jude Bellingham . Is this something fans can understand?

Liverpool have been trying to sign Bellingham since last summer. There were Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, and Thiago Alcantara, but it was necessary to prepare for the future because it was not possible to play the season with them until when. Multiple local media outlets evaluated Liverpool taking an active stance and getting closer to signing Bellingham.

However, Liverpool recently gave up on the signing. Global football media ‘’ said, “Liverpool decided to accept the fact that the goal of signing Bellingham was the number one goal this summer, but now it is impossible to sign.” The media said it was because Liverpool decided it was right to reinforce several positions evenly rather than focusing on one Bellingham.

The British media’Telegraph’ also revealed three reasons why Liverpool gave up Bellingham. The media said, “Liverpool pulled out of the Bellingham scout for several reasons.” 토스카지노

First, the possibility of transfer was unclear. “Liverpool are also not sure if Bellingham will leave Borussia Dortmund this summer.” In fact, Bellingham continues to be rumored to be transferring, but he has never directly announced that he will leave Dortmund. From Dortmund’s point of view, Bellingham’s retention is still a top priority, so the possibility that he will not leave the team in the coming summer cannot be ruled out.

The second is a rather passive attitude. The Telegraph reported: “Given the financial strength of the club that wants Bellingham, Liverpool are not sure if they are the favourite.” In fact, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, etc. participated in the recruitment of Bellingham, and all of them are clubs with enormous financial power. In addition, the media said that if a suitable alternative comes out, manager Jurgen Klopp will not be willing to participate in the recruitment competition.

The third reason is the same as ‘’. The media said, “Even if Bellingham accepts Klopp’s offer, Liverpool cannot afford to recruit him and use the money left to reinforce other positions.” In a word, it means that Liverpool’s wallet situation is not good to invest in Bellingham.

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