‘Center of controversy’ Correa cancels trip to New York? Start discussions with non-Mets clubs

A local report came out that Carlos Correa, the ‘center of the problem’ who is experiencing difficulties in negotiations with the New York Mets, is in contact with another team in two weeks.

On the 6th (Korean time), the US ‘New York Post’ reported, “Camp Correa is in contact with other teams again two weeks after the contract with the Mets stopped.” Reportedly, Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, has started talking to 토토사이트 other teams than the Mets, including his original team, the Minnesota Twins.

The ‘New York Post’ said, “It is not known how serious the conversations with other teams are and how far they have progressed, but Correa Camp has been in contact with other teams.” “Ultimately, I don’t think Cohen is going to let Correa go,” he said.

Negotiations between the Mets and Correa are virtually at a standstill due to a problem with the right ankle, which was revealed in a medical test. Although they are constantly discussing it, Correa’s agent, Boras, doesn’t seem to be willing to give in easily.

The Mets club wants to put an ‘insurance device’ related to the ankle in the terms of the contract, but Boras is not accepting it lightly. The Mets’ top executives and club lawyers have been talking to Camp Correa over the past two weeks, and according to sources familiar with it, the big picture itself, which was $315 million in 12 years, won’t change much. However, the Mets club is trying to reduce the risk by including ‘important options’ and ‘important words’ in the contract. Mets team doctors raised concerns about how Correa’s leg would hold up, given the condition of his legs, and how he would survive the length of his contract, which would extend to age 40.

However, Correa also strongly wants a contract with the Mets. ‘The New York Post’ said, “As soon as Corea heard the news that the signing ceremony for the San Francisco Giants was cancelled, and a few hours later that the Mets had been signed, she jumped excitedly at the hotel where she was staying and was embraced by Boras. say,” he added.