Choo Shin-soo’s sniper, injured Kim Hyeon-soo’s 10th Taegeuk mark

Choo Shin-soo (Cleveland Indians at the time) was a precious body in the 2nd WBC tournament in 2009. He entered as the only major leaguer. He was expected to be the national team’s solver and central hitter. However, he had many restrictions in training and playing. He was an interference from his team. Director Kim In-sik expressed his displeasure.

He was crooked from the training camp in Hawaii. He complained of pain in his elbow. Cleveland put the brakes on their participation in the contest. He even asked to leave the national team and return to the team. Choo Shin-soo’s appearance became the biggest concern, and the atmosphere of the national team was also disturbed. Choo Shin-soo decided to participate despite opposition from Cleveland and participated in the first round in Tokyo.

Joint training was also not easy. Manager Kim In-sik said, “There were also many restrictions in training. (The Cleveland dispatched trainer) ordered to stop after only a few hits.” He played 3 games in the 1st round, but MLB informed him that he could not participate before the 1st round 1st place match against Japan. Angry director Kim In-sik expressed strong dissatisfaction, saying, “Think about the benefits you will get later.”

Choo Shin-soo’s participation in the WBC had a lot of gossip. That is, he was guaranteed to participate in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. In the Asian Games, if you win a gold medal, military service benefits are given to you. It was a crucial point in continuing his major league career. It was the reason why the strange picture came out that he joined the national team with a sore elbow. Overcoming twists and turns, Choo Shin-soo played as the designated hitter and led the Korean team to the final. He also hit a home run against Darvish Ryu.

South Korea raised the honors score of the runner-up. Choo Shin-soo was recognized for his achievements and wore the Taegeuk mark and a gold medal around his neck at the Asian Games held in October of the following year. Korea defeated Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan, China, and Taiwan in turn. Taiwan was no match for Super Dream Team Korea. Choo Shin-soo cast a high-level hit of a major leaguer. He went 8-for-14 (. 571) with 3 home runs and 11 RBIs.

It was said that participating in the major leagues was out of place, but he received military service benefits without difficulty. Choo Shin-soo did not wear the Taegeuk mark after the Asian Games in Guangzhou. In 2013, the third WBC tournament was notified of its absence. Korea was eliminated in the first round by Taiwan. For Choo Shin-soo, it was the year of obtaining the FA qualification, the biggest opportunity of his life. After the season, he hit the jackpot with Texas for 6 years and 130 million dollars (138 billion won at the time).

He played an active role as a special hitter in the major leagues and signed a blitz contract with SSG Landers ahead of the 2021 season, 토토사이트 which entered the twilight period, and joined the KBO League. It has created a lot of buzz since his inception. Choo Shin-soo’s influence was powerful. On the Korean media, Jamsil Stadium announced remodeling. It has become a big mouse that moves Korean baseball. Finally, in the 2022 season, he led his team to win the Korean Series.

Choo Shin-soo, who returned to the United States after the season, recently made up his mind and criticized Korean baseball through an interview with a Texas Korean media. He pointed out that veterans such as Kim Gwang-hyun, Yang Hyeon-jong and Kim Hyun-soo were selected for the selection of the WBC national team. He believed that for the future of Korean baseball, many young players should participate in international competitions.

Going one step further, he strongly criticized the fact that Kiwoom An Woo-jin was dropped from the WBC team due to school violence. He also said, “It seems that it is difficult for Korea to forgive (Ahn Woo-jin).” Ahn Woo-jin reflected on his childhood mistakes and was even punished, so he insisted that he should participate in the WBC. The sadness of baseball seniors was projected.

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