‘Fireworks during the game? ‘That’s too much’

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What if there were fireworks before the game was over?

We kick off Top Play with a soccer match in Argentina where the passion and competition went a little too far.

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It’s a matchup between the first and second place teams in Argentina’s second division.

In the 27th minute, the home team scores the first goal.

Pollen is scattered in the stands.

The players on the bench are jumping up and down.

The atmosphere was like a theater goal.

In the second half, the team is fouled on a crucial opportunity and is awarded a penalty kick.

But look at this player.

He’s going forward, he’s going backward, when is he going to kick it?

A lesser referee pulls out a yellow card with a time delay.

He kicks it anyway and scores!

If you’re going to do that, you might as well do it fast.

The away team can’t stand still either.

A shot from long range. It hits the crossbar, bounces once. and then somehow crosses the goal line.

It’s now 2-1 and it’s second-half stoppage time.

Suddenly, there are fireworks on the field.

It’s not over yet.

Is this too much?

The game ends in a flurry of fireworks.

It was a chaotic game all the way through.


This time it’s the Dutch league playoffs 메이저놀이터.

120 minutes to go in extra time.

Sparta takes a shot on their last chance.

The ball hits the goalkeeper and is headed for the goal.

What happened?

The ball took a hard spin and bounced right in front of the goal line.

It was a difficult shot to make on purpose.

But at least we were able to laugh about it as we won in penalty kicks.


Last up is Italian soccer.

Atalanta, right in the middle of an attacking move.

This. It goes right over the keeper and in.

It’s a great goal to complete the hat-trick.

Top play so far.

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