‘From two pitches to four pitches in one year’ Korean baseball’s future goals for the national team and new season

It was short but intense. He proved why he was the biggest pitcher in the 2022 draft and announced that he was the future of Korean baseball beyond his team. And now I’m preparing for my second year as a pro. This is the story of Hanwha starting pitcher Moon Dong-ju (20).

He throws the best fastball in the KBO League, but he is not just a fast pitcher. The pitching mechanic is random, and the pitching is also stable considering the years. Most surprising of all is his ability to learn pitches. Moon Dong-ju quickly learned the slider and changeup from coach Jose Rosado last year. As a pitcher in his high school days, his pitching power was not long, and he was a fastball and curve-to-pitch type, but as soon as he put on his professional uniform, the possibility of a four-pitch was revealed.

This is where Moon Dong-ju is currently focusing. 메이저놀이터 On the 3rd (Korean time), Moon Dong-ju emphasized to throw the slider and changeup steadily after the morning training on the second day of the spring camp in Bellbank Park, Mesa, Arizona, USA. He said, “Last year, I only threw during the game, but I did not practice throwing separately. Now, I want to learn it completely with my own, so I plan to keep throwing it during the camp to get a better feel.”

He is still a promising player who focuses on the future rather than the present. Last year, there was a limit of 80 pitches for starting pitches. Still, he threw 5 or more innings in all of his last 3 games, giving up only 3 earned runs or less. He also posted his first career start against SSG, the unified champion.Moon Dong-joo said, “Still, I think I showed a little bit of myself at the end of the season. I am not a perfect pitcher yet, but I felt good thinking that I made use of the opportunity given to me at the end.” No matter how many, the goal is to digest as many innings as possible with a set number of pitches.”

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