Gas Corporation’s basketball team, the meaning of 20% reduction in operating costs compared to the previous year

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation decided to reduce operating costs by 20% compared to last season. What does this mean?

Former CEO of Gas Corporation Chae Hee-bong decided to take over Incheon E-Land in 2021. Although there were many difficulties in the process of moving and settling down from Incheon to Daegu, KOGAS has been reborn as a club that puts fans first.

Even the process of taking over the basketball team had an impact, but the finish was not good. Just before stepping down as president, he appointed Lee Min-hyeong, former vice president of the Korea University Basketball Federation, who was a classmate of Yongsan High School, as the head of the basketball team.

He had a conversation with a basketball player a long time ago about why basketball and volleyball are slowly growing in popularity. One of the words I heard at that time was, “Basketball players pursue their own interests rather than the whole, but volleyball players come together for the interests of the whole rather than themselves.” Although it is an individual opinion, this fits the Gas Corporation basketball team as it is.

KOGAS newly hired Lee Min-hyeong through open recruitment. Of course, there is a reason why the new leader was elected. On the gas corporation side, at the time, former vice president Lee Seung-gi was concurrently serving as the head of the basketball team. However, there was a lot of work at the head office, so there was little time to pay attention to the basketball team. He also found it difficult to attend the KBL Board of Directors. He said that even if he attended, it was not easy to express his opinion because he could not properly understand the basketball team’s work.

This was the reason KOGAS openly hired a former general manager. However, there was controversy over whether he was a suitable person.
At the time, after hearing the news of the appointment of Lee Min-hyeong, I said this to a gas corporation official.

“Outsides look at Gas Corporation with a bad eye because of director Yoo Do-hoon and general manager Shin Seon-woo. It would be even worse if leader Lee Min-hyeong, who also graduated from Yongsan High School, came here. The role of general manager Shin Seon-woo is to help with basketball-related tasks that are lacking in the secretariat. If so, if Lee Min-hyeong, a former basketball player, comes, the work with Shin Seon-woo, general manager, will be duplicated.

The head of the KBL board will often express opinions on basketball-related matters, but he must also have the ability to resolve various issues such as the head office and the budget. There is no room for Lee Min-hyeong to do that.

In addition, the direction KOGAS should pursue in the future is marketing. In order to minimize the loss that occurs in the operation of the basketball team and eventually turn it into a surplus, a person who is good at marketing must set the direction for the basketball team in the future.

Considering this, Lee Min-hyeong, the team leader, was not a suitable person to be the basketball team leader. Above all, if you know that KOGAS is receiving negative attention as two graduates of Yongsan High School, it is right not to apply even if you ask them to come here. In the end, we don’t know what kind of problems this will cause later.”

Former CEO Chae Hee-bong stepped down and a new president took office. Owner changed.

Korea Gas Corporation declared an emergency management system and decided to come up with various self-rescue plans to overcome the financial crisis and minimize factors that increase gas rates. Among them, a policy was set to reduce operating expenses by 20% compared to the previous year to improve the efficiency of basketball team operation.

The most conspicuous part of running a basketball team is the general manager and general manager who have no role in other clubs. Of course, last season Hyundai Mobis had general manager Yoo Jae-hak. General manager Yoo Jae-hak handed over the coaching position to coach Cho Dong-hyun with one year left on the coaching contract period, so he was considerate to fill the contract period as a courtesy.

When trying to reduce the cost of running a basketball team, the first priority is manpower structure, and the first thing to be sorted out is the head coach who can replace the general manager and the sports department manager in charge of the basketball team and taekwondo team, which are not available in other clubs.

Coach Yoo Hoon seems to have lost the trust of his players after the parent company was changed to Gas Corporation, unlike his days at E-Land. During the E-Land days, if the players were united under coach Yoo Hoon and played basketball that impressed the fans even if they did not win, after coming back to Daegu, there was an opinion that they could not properly play a pivotal role even with a better composition of players.

In the end, due to poor grades, it is difficult for general manager Shin Seon-woo, general manager Lee Min-hyung, director Yoo Do-hoon, and Gas Corporation to be together until the next season.

The problem is that the general manager, the general manager, and the manager all have contract periods left. It costs a fair amount to get them all out. The dilemma of gas construction is that another cost is incurred to reduce costs. Director Yoo Hoon Yoo is in the position that if KOGAS wants to cancel the contract, even for the case of a successor manager who cannot keep the contract period and resigns, he must receive the full salary for the remaining contract period.

Gas Corporation does not plan to drastically reduce wages even in negotiations with the players, and it is said that it is possible to apply if you want overseas training. In other words, it is the part that is not directly related to the team that pays the most attention to reducing the cost of the basketball team 스포츠토토.

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