Heungkuk Life Insurance, Kim Yeon-kyung effect’tok-tok’… In front of the regular league ‘champions’ in 4 seasons

Women’s volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance has one point left until winning the regular league this season.

Heungkuk Life Insurance currently leads the women’s league with 25 wins and 9 losses and 76 points. The difference between Hyundai E&C (24-10, 70 points) in second place is 6 points. Even if Heungkuk Life Insurance obtains just one point in the remaining two games, it will determine first place in the regular league on its own.

At the earliest, it is expected that Heungkuk Life Insurance will be able to see the victory in the match against IBK Industrial Bank on the 15th. In this game, Heungkuk Life Insurance becomes the regular league champion because it wins one point even if it loses in the 5th set. If the victory points are won, Heungkuk Life Insurance will win the championship for the first time in four seasons since the 2018-19 season and for the sixth time in its career.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which finished in 6th place last year, has transformed into a championship candidate this season. The returning ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung led the reversal of Heungkuk Life Insurance by ranking first in the overall attack category. 바카라사이트

There were crises throughout the season. On January 2nd, Kwon Soon-chan was fired. Friction with the club was the superficial reason, but some players revealed through the media that the club’s high-ranking officials intervened in the squad.

Despite the chaotic team atmosphere, coach Kim Dae-gyeong accumulated points one by one with the acting manager system. Director Marcello Abondanza, who has proven his leadership on the world stage, was entrusted with the baton. Heungkuk Life Insurance has been recording 3 wins and 2 losses since the 23rd of last month, when coach Abondanza made his debut.

If Heungkuk Life Insurance takes first place in the regular league, it goes directly to the championship match. You will be able to prepare for your 4th combined victory.

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