‘I have a greater sense of responsibility’ Kim Jin-soo, “I want to play more this season”

“I want to play more this season”.

Jeonbuk Hyundai has been conducting winter training for the 2023 season in Spain since last month.

Kim Jin-soo, who helped Korea advance to the round of 16 together with participating in the World Cup of his dreams through the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, emphasized that he would work harder than last season.

Kim Jin-soo, who met at the field training camp in Marbella, Spain, said, “I came back after the World Cup following the season, but it is true that it is difficult. The players who have been to the national team are the same, and the other players also worked really hard last year, so the burden is heavy. However, he is not hurt and is working hard to finish the winter training well. He said, “I will finish the winter training well so that I can spend this season well.”

Appointed as vice-captain this season as well, he said, “I feel various things as I have a position. As he became vice-captain again this season, his responsibility has increased.”

Regarding the newly joined players, Kim Jin-soo said, “I am not worried because very good players have joined. A lot of new players came in this year. It’s definitely something the team needs. I think it is an inevitable choice in order to win the championship and continue the spirit of the team. We are well prepared for this season. If young and new players adapt quickly, they can produce results. Since the existing players are still alive, if we create our atmosphere, we will do things that we cannot do.”

Kim Jin-soo said, “If you look back on last year from the outside, you may feel regret. However, we did our best in the K-League 1 runner-up, the FA Cup, and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League. Of course, everyone has great regrets about not winning the league. We have thoroughly prepared for this season, so we believe that we will definitely achieve our results.”

I asked more about the team’s rebuilding. Kim Jin-soo said, “Young but talented players have joined. However, complaints may arise. This is because players who originally played in the game may not be able to play in the game after coming to Jeonbuk. But that means you have to win the competition. If you work hard and work hard and get a chance to play, you will not only help the team, but you will also be of great help to yourself. We are talking to young players about that.” 먹튀검증

Kim Jin-soo, who looked back on last year, said, “I participated in the World Cup that I dreamed of. I still have vivid memories. I have no regrets, especially because I played for his family.” He tried not to embarrass anyone. Many people, including director Kim Sang-shik, helped me. It was a really difficult but rewarding year. I want to play more this season. We will work together with everyone so that Jeonbuk can win.”

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