If you don’t want to play, leave Man Utd…advice from a senior Englishman

Darren Bent has spoken out about the Jadon Sancho situation.

Sancho has been at the center of a recent feud at Manchester United. It all started with comments made by manager Eric ten Hague after the 1-3 loss to Arsenal. When asked about Sancho’s exclusion from the roster, Van Gaal said it was because he hadn’t been performing well on the training ground. Everyone agreed that this was a reasonable answer, as Sancho had been struggling.

Sancho had a different take. Sancho took to social media after learning of Ten Haag’s comments to take a shot at the coach. He wrote that he was working hard on his training and that he couldn’t believe everything people said on the surface. The rumors of a feud between Sancho and Ten Haag then spread, and the two reportedly had a face-to-face meeting during the A-match break, but it was fruitless.

If things don’t improve, one of them will have to go. Sancho is more likely to leave than Ten Haag, who is in his second year in charge and has the full support of the club. It’s also easier for a player to leave a team than a manager. 안전놀이터

Bent also believes that Sancho should leave. “If Sancho wants to stay at United or has a desire to stay at the club, he should do that at home. If I were him, I would go to the manager and say ‘tell me if my training is not good enough’ and then try to deal with it. But Sancho’s behavior in public suggests that he wants to leave the club.”

“The challenge of the Premier League (PL) can be daunting. It’s a shame because Sancho is a very good and talented player. Maybe the PL is too fast for him,” he said, adding that Sancho is not suited to the PL.

Indeed, Sancho is now in his third season with the club and has yet to adapt to the team. Local reports suggest that Sancho could leave United as early as the January transfer window.

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