Incheon Seogu Youth Baseball Team celebrates first win in ‘4 games in 5’ after 10 years of existence

The Incheon Seo-gu Youth Baseball Team enjoyed a thrilling victory at the 2nd Gapyeong County Supervised National Youth Baseball Tournament, winning the strongest league, the Youth Cheongryong (U-13), for the first time in its 10 years of existence.

Organized by the Korea Youth Baseball Federation (Chairman Lee Sang-geun), the tournament was held for five days, including weekends, from the 2nd to the 11th, with more than 2,000 players and parents from 97 teams participating at five baseball fields, including Gyeonggi Gapyeong Baseball Stadium. In a tournament format, teams competed for the championship in six categories, including the Bud League (U-9), Dreamer League (U-11), Youth League (U-13), and Junior League (U-16).

The final of the Youth League Cheongnyong drew interest as Incheon Seogu Youth Baseball Club, which has been runner-up four times in 10 years, faced off against Gyeongbuk Bucheon City Youth Baseball Club, which reached the final for the first time in its nine-year history.

In the first inning, the Incheon Seogu Youth Baseball Team conceded the first run by allowing hits to Yoo Yi-chan (Mountain School Middle School 1) and Kim Tae-yoon (Mountain School Middle School 1) on defense, but in the second inning, Na Hyo-min (Gahyeon Elementary School 6) stole second and third base after a wild pitch and scored on a home steal to tie the game 1-1.

Then, in the bottom of the third inning, Hwang Ha-gyeom (Cheonghocho 5) hit a sacrifice fly and Noh Eun-chan (Cheongramcho 6) hit a double to right-center to put runners on second and third with the opposing pitcher’s balk, making it 2-1, and the Incheon West District Youth Baseball Team won 7-1 with a five-run big inning in the bottom of the fifth inning, including a two-run home run by Na Hyo-min, the fourth batter, that drove a wedge into the game.

Cho Bae-sung (Incheon Seogu Youth Baseball Club-Haeowoncho 6), who went 11-for-7 (.637) with six RBIs as a hitter and four wins as a pitcher with an “Ohtani-like” performance of 13 innings, 24 strikeouts, one run and a 0.69 ERA, was named Most Valuable Player (MVP), while Kim Tae-yoon (Gyeonggi Bucheon City Youth Baseball Club) and Na Hyo-min (Incheon Seogu Youth Baseball Club) were named Honorable Mentions.

MVP Cho Bae-sung said, “I’m glad I was able to strike out the last batter of the inning, and I feel like the hard work I’ve been doing has paid off with the win 토토사이트. I’m really honored to receive the Most Valuable Player award and thank the coach for training me so hard.” “My role model is SSG’s Kim Kwang-hyun. His fastball and changeup look great,” said Kim.

Kim Jong-cheol, manager of the Incheon Seogu Youth Baseball Team, who won the tournament manager’s award, said, “This is the 10th anniversary of our organization. We have won several championships in lower grade leagues such as the Dreamer League, but it is more meaningful because it is the first time we have won the strongest league.” “I would like to thank the players for following a lot of practice and hard training, and I would like to thank the parents for always supporting and supporting us. I will work hard to coach the team to become a better team in the future,” he said.

Lee Sang-geun, president of the Korea Youth Baseball Federation, said, “Among the tournaments in the metropolitan area, Gapyeong County is the one with the best conditions such as facilities and geographical location. The players and parents love it. I would like to thank Gapyeong County Governor Seo Tae-won and Gapyeong County Sports Chairman Ji Young-ki for their support during the five days of the tournament.”

The tournament was sponsored by Gapyeong County, Gapyeong County Sports Association, Africa TV, baseball equipment specialist DOMINION, Storm Baseball, Finsport, Waniel-Diamond, Wipan (Gold Bat), Crown Bee, and muscle ligament supplement Aminoligen. The final was broadcast live on Africa TV with commentary by So Dae-soo and KIA Tigers coach Kim Min-woo. In particular, in order to develop and revitalize youth baseball, Coach Kim Min-woo led a youth baseball clinic prior to the final, teaching players and parents the basics and importance of defense.

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