Jamsil LG sweep → Lotte 10-game win streak stop… What happens when the KIA super backup hits a home run

It was like a super backup.

KIA Tigers outfielder Lee Woo-seong (28) once again played a valuable role and led the team to victory. In the Gwangju game against the Lotte Giants on the 3rd, he scored 3 hits, 1 walk, 3 points and 1 RBI, including a home run, and became the main player in a 10-2 victory. It was the number one contributor to stopping Lotte’s 10-game winning streak and avenging the previous day’s defeat.

Lee Chang-jin suffered an injury to his maternal grandfather, so he started in right field instead and solved the clue to defeat Lotte ace Na Kyun-an, who has an average ERA of 1.34 and 4 wins and is undefeated. At the end of the 3rd inning, when the score was 0-0, he appeared as the lead batter and opened the door with a hit to the left of the right fielder. It was KIA’s first hit. He launched a strong attack and scored 4 runs in a big inning and seized the victory.

In the second at-bat in the 4th inning, he attacked the first ball and fired a left-handed solo shot. I attacked the curve coming in high towards his body. It was the second home run of the season that decisively brought victory. It was double the joy of winning up to 2 million won in the Incoffee Home Run Zone prize money. Na Kyun-an did not go to the mound after the 4th inning.

In the 6th inning, he appeared as the lead batter and hit a left-handed hit and succeeded in scoring. It was a valuable score that broke Lotte’s will to pursue. In the 7th inning, in the last at-bat with 2nd out and 3rd base, the opponent stepped on 1st base with an intentional walk to avoid the game. He also homed on the follow-up. He started out after a long time, and he made a big success by going on base in all at-bats.

The nutritional value of his first home run on April 28 was also perfect. In the top of the 8th inning, trailing 2-3, he came on as a pinch hitter and scored a left-handed solo shot against LG Lee Jeong-yong to turn the game around. He laid the foundation for a 4-3 victory in overtime. Lee Woo-sung’s home run not only led to victory on the day, but also to a sweep in Jamsil’s 3-game series.

he is not a main He plays as a major defensive player, a substitute runner, and a pinch hitter. No matter how he plays, he is a super backup who gives the team a lot of strength with his more motivated play than anyone else. His performance is 10 hits in 28 at-bats, batting average of 3.5 and 7, 2 home runs, 5 RBI and 5 runs scored. Even though he occasionally appears, he does not lose his sense and is hitting his own. This is also the reason KIA’s attack cohesiveness is good. 크크크벳

Lee Woo-sung said, “The first at-bat result was good, so I went in. Another mistake came and hit, but the wind helped me to hit a home run. I think it’s important for the team to score a run. It’s good, so I was ordered to actively turn the bat, and preparing it that way was a hit,” he explained the secret.

He continued, “Every time I go to a game, I always think about getting results. I don’t think about my pace or anything like that. I want the team to be in a high place when it’s over. That’s all,” he said, emphasizing Team First.

He expressed his love for his wife with the ‘Inc Home Run Zone’ prize money. “Of course, I’ll give all the prize money to my wife, but why not give me some pocket money,” she laughed. Her serious facial expression throughout her interview, her face widened at the mention of her wife. She was like an irresistible wife lover.

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