Jeonnam, ‘Lee Jang-ho’ coaching team including ‘Legend’ Gwan-sik Lim head coach complete!

The Jeonnam Dragons, preparing for a new leap forward in the 2023 season, have completed the selection of new coaches. 메이저사이트

Jeonnam appointed head coach Lim Gwan-sik, coach Han Dong-hoon, and GK coach Cho Min-hyeok as new coaches to accompany Lee. In addition, physical coach Choi Hee-young and coach Kim Young-wook, who were previously breathing together, will remain.

Head coach Lim Gwan-sik is a Jeonnam legend with 5 points and 4 assists in 172 matches. His first professional leadership activity also started at his home team Jeonnam (2015 season). Based on his experience of contributing greatly to Jeonnam’s entry into the K-League 1 Split A in the 2016 season the following year, head coach Lim Gwan-sik expects Lee to assist and become a great force for Jeonnam’s re-jump.

Coach Han Dong-hoon, 메이저사이트 who helped win the FA Cup in the 2021 season, and goalkeeper coach Cho Min-hyuk, who served as a full-time leader of Bucheon FC 1995 and Cheonan City Hall (currently Cheonan City Football Team) and the Korea Football Association, also became a Jeonnam family.

In addition, Jeonnam additionally recruited veteran medical team leader Kwon Hyeok-joon, Kim Seung-gyu and Choi Min-gi trainers as new medical trainers (AT) to prevent injury and maintain the best condition of the players.

Kwon Hyuk-joon, the medical team leader, has been active overseas, such as Busan I-Park, Incheon United, the Chinese League and the Vietnam League, and is responsible for the condition of players in Jeonnam in 2023.

Jeonnam will begin training on December 12 with a meeting with newly joined leaders and players, and plan to leave for winter training in mid-January.

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