‘Kim Ha-sung recruitment rumor’ Boston lost its main shortstop… Trade rush?

The Boston Red Sox lost their starting shortstop Trevor Story. With Xander Bogaerts off to the San Diego Padres, the void appears to be even bigger.

Boston Haim Bloom, president of Boston, said in a video call interview with reporters on the 11th (Korean time), “Story started to feel pain in his elbow while throwing a ball right before Christmas. He said he had surgery on it.” 안전놀이터

Story’s surgery was Tommy John surgery, and unlike a pitcher, it takes four to six months for a hitter to return. Even so, most of the first half is expected to break away.

This isn’t the first time Story has suffered a shoulder injury. At the time of belonging to the Colorado Rockies in 2021, the area was inflamed, and it was also on the injured list. The injury greatly reduced Story’s throwing speed.

Last year, when he signed a contract with Boston, he moved to a second baseman with less throwing burden. At the time, Bogarts held the shortstop position, but things have changed now. Because Bogatz left the team.

As a result, Boston put Story at the starting shortstop, but the injury took an emergency. Ultimately, Boston has no choice but to turn to another shortstop.

In fact, President Bloom said, “A shortstop is expected to be added. He will have to look around whether it is the free agent market or the trade market.” Currently, there are Elvis Andrews, Josh Harrison, Andrelton Simmons, and Jose Iglesias in the free agency market.

In addition, the trade of Kim Ha-seong, which has been constantly mentioned, may actually proceed. This is because San Diego has room to spare as shortstops include Bogatz, Kim Ha-seong, and Fernando Tatis Jr. 안전놀이터

If Boston actually shows interest and makes an offer, it could speed things up. In addition, the media explained that Isaiah Cainer-Faleppa (New York Yankees), Ahmed Rosario (Cleveland Guardians), and Nick Madrigal (Chicago Cubs) could be traded.

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