Kim Min-jae, ‘transfer inevitable’… “I can’t give more than 3.5 billion”

Min-jae Kim’s team, Italy’s Napoli, intends to hold on to striker Victor Osimen, even breaking the annual salary limit to catch him.

Conversely, the upper limit of the salary of other players was decided to be lowered even more. As a result, the possibility of the transfer of other key players besides Osimen has increased.

According to ‘Area Napoli’ on the 7th, Italy’s state-run RAI reporter Ciro Venerato appeared on a program of ‘Tele A’ and reported this news. “Napoli will lower the salary cap to 2.5 million euros,” he said.

However, Venerato also expressed the view that it was unclear whether Osimen would remain despite Napoli’s efforts.

“Osimen wants to play in a league that is more competitive than Serie A,” he said. 온라인카지노

‘Area Napoli’ predicted that Aurelio De Laurentis, the owner of Napoli, would not let Osimen leave easily, and that the transfer fee would start at least 150 million euros (approximately 200 billion won).

In the end, it is considered that other players who lead Napoli’s Serie A run this season, such as Kim Min-jae, can be transferred depending on the situation.

The current highest-paid player in Napoli is Osimen, who is known to receive about 3.8 million euros (about 5.3 billion won) a year.

On the other hand, Kim Min-jae, who joined last summer, is estimated to receive 2.7 million euros (approximately 3.7 billion won). The Naples club is in a position to raise Kim Min-jae’s buyout (about 70 billion won) and annual salary at the same time, but there is no reaction from Kim Min-jae’s side yet.

However, Laurentino’s owner’s policy was that he could not increase the current salary of Kim Min-jae, so staying in Naples was practically difficult.

Kim Min-jae has a buyout clause in the contract that allows him to transfer to a club that pays 50 million euros (about 70 billion won) from July 1 to 15.

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