Konkuk University captain Park Sang-woo’s sense of responsibility, “If I collapse, the team can collapse”

“I think a lot that the team could collapse if I collapse. Even if they are nervous, they try not to show off.”

Konkuk University was the team that created a sensation in the last playoffs. He finished tied for 7th in the college league. However, they beat all the teams they met in the playoffs and made it to the finals. Although they unfortunately lost to Korea University in the final, they had a meaningful time. And I did my best in winter training to continue the upward trend.

Konkuk University captain Park Sang-woo said in a phone call with this magazine, “I had a good time last season. I practiced really hard during winter training in order to continue that appearance this time as well. I focused on defense,” he said, looking back at the offseason.

However, Konkuk University’s start this season was uneasy. They are at the bottom of the table with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses. In response, Park Sang-woo said, “It’s a pity that I didn’t come out as much as I prepared during the winter training period. I think I need to supplement more,” he said, looking back at the beginning of the season.

Afterwards, when asked about the reason for the team’s sluggishness, Park Sang-woo said, “There is a lack of concentration in defense. When you win, your concentration drops even more. There was a case of overturning in the second half of the last. And when people around us saw us, they said, ‘This is a strong team. Strong’ and so on. But that seems to have become our conceit. At the same time, there was a burden to do well.”

However, just before entering the break, he won a match against Dongguk University and laid the foundation for a rebound. Park Sang-woo, who recalled Dongguk Daejeon, said, “The first match was bad, but we are gradually finding our color. The players are also uniting. Those things came out in the match against Dongguk University. I think it will get better in the future.”

Also, “Now we have entered a short break. But personally, I thought I shouldn’t rest too much. (Choi) Seung-bin and I are classmates at university, so we take her class together. So when he has free time, he comes out and trains together. He practices shooting a lot. There are times when we don’t want to come out, but we encourage each other and train every day.”

When asked why she practiced shooting in particular, she said, “The director says shooting is basic. And our bottom line is strong. The opponent’s defense naturally narrows. There are many opportunities outside. I am practicing shooting a lot to make use of that opportunity.”

Although grades are at the bottom, Konkuk University boasts tremendous popularity. The reason is Choi Seung-bin, who dyed his hair red like Kang Baek-ho, the main character of Slam Dunk. Konkuk University’s gym is full every game. This is a situation that can be connected to the burden on the players. 메이저사이트

In response, Park Sang-woo said, “I wonder if this year will be the most popular. It’s getting a lot of attention. At first, I was nervous and burdened because there were so many spectators. But he said the coach said, ‘If you avoid it, the entire Konkuk University will avoid it’. He listened to those words and put a lot of thought into them, always carrying them in his heart. I think a lot that the team could collapse if I collapse. So even if I get nervous, I don’t show off and try to lead them while reading them thoroughly.”

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