‘Lineum Fire disappears from the tennis court’ ATP Fully introduced electronic judgment from 2025

The ATP, which oversees the men’s tennis tour, announced on the 28th that it will fully introduce electronic line judgment (ELC Live) from 2025.

Line judgment by electronic devices was applied for the first time in 2017 and has been used in the US Open as well. In recent years, it has been different for each competition, such as using a machine judge or setting up a line-up fire, but it was decided to fully introduce it under the policy that accuracy and consistency were secured. 토토사이트

In tennis, traditionally, an umpire was installed on every line to judge in and out, but now, except for the chair umpire, no referee can be seen in the field.

“This is a landmark moment for our sport,” said ATP President Andrea Gaudenzi. “This is a landmark moment for our sport. Tradition is at the heart of tennis and line umpires have played an important role over the years, but we have a responsibility to embrace innovation and new technology. We are delighted to be able to offer electronic line judgment across the board.”

ELC Live was first tried at the ATP NextGen Finals in Milan in 2017 and has been widely used since the COVID-19 pandemic. Several vendors are currently approved to provide ELC Live technology on hard and grass courts, with final testing on clay courts underway.

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