MIA→PIT→BAL→ATL→BAL→waiting for release… Diaz’s unfortunate fate pushed Park Hyo-joon out

There is a player who has suffered more Yang Ji-myeong (DFA) than Hyo-jun Park (Triple A under the Atlanta Braves) in this Stove League. That’s Lewin Diaz.

The Baltimore Orioles acquired left-handed bullpen pitcher Darwinson Hernandez from the Boston Red Sox through a cash trade on the 12th (hereafter Korean time). In the process, Baltimore DFA for Lewin Diaz to allow Hernandez to join the 40-man roster. Diaz is already listed on the waiting list for the fifth time in Stove League.

Diaz first stepped on the big league stage with the Miami Marlins in 2020. Diaz appeared in 112 games over his three career major league seasons, with 58 hits and 13 home runs for a batting average of .181 and .567 OPS. He is not a player with great sophistication, but he is a player with one-shot ability enough to draw 102 arches in 8 seasons in the minor leagues.

But since last season, Diaz has already been placed on the waiting list five times. Diaz was removed from the 40-man roster during Miami’s roster cleanup at the end of the season. In the process, Park Hyo-jun lost his position as the Pittsburgh Pirates recruited Diaz.

Diaz’s move after pushing Park Hyo-joon was not much different. Pittsburgh signed Carlos Santana shortly after acquiring Diaz, and Diaz lost his place again. It was Baltimore that showed interest in Diaz afterwards. Baltimore acquired Diaz through a claim on December 3 of last year.

Diaz appeared to hold his own after being called up by Baltimore. But it started moving again. Baltimore removed Diaz and Tyler Nevin from the 40-man roster while acquiring James McCann and Michael Gibbons. Afterwards, Diaz succeeded in collaborating with the Atlanta Braves and seemed to be eating rice with Park Hyo-joon.

Park Hyo-joon went through DFA in Pittsburgh and went to Boston Red Sox to play with Atlanta. Recently, Park Hyo-jun was put on the waiting list for release from Atlanta, but he chose to remain in Triple A without transferring to another club. However, Diaz, who was DFA with Park Hyo-jun, decided to leave the team rather than go to the minor leagues.

Eventually, Diaz turned around and returned to Baltimore. But this time, too, I couldn’t keep my seat. Diaz received another DFA on the 12th, 온라인카지노.putting him in an unstable situation. In other words, Diaz moved the team from Miami to Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Baltimore, but in the end, he could not win a spot on the major league roster.

As the stove league is not over yet, the possibility of Diaz’s transfer is open. This is because Diaz can explore new destinations through claims. Park Hyo-jun, who moved teams three times, was busy during the winter, but Diaz, who pushed him out, is having a busier time. Diaz is expected to be the player who switched teams the most this winter.

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