Napoli prepares for Kim Min-jae’s transfer “It’s hard to catch because of the buyout”

The competition has increased. Naples is also slowly preparing Plan B.

Kim Min-jae inquiries from big clubs are flooding in. Following Manchester United, Real Madrid are busy moving to recruit Kim Min-jae.

Multiple media outlets such as England, Spain, and Italy reported that “Man Utd and Real Madrid are keeping an eye on Kim Min-jae. Demand for Kim Min-jae, who has proven his skills in Naples, is expected to increase.” 안전놀이터

Naples also prepares for Min-jae Kim’s departure. Italian media ‘Tuto Sport’ said on the 12th (Korean time), “Napoli is looking for a substitute for Kim Min-jae. There is a buyout clause in the contract with Kim Min-jae, so it is difficult for the club to retain it at will. The leading candidate to recruit instead of Kim Min-jae is Frankfurt defender Evan Eun. Decada,” he reported.

Man Utd has been interested in Kim Min-jae even before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This is because he needed a center back to replace Harry Maguire, who had suffered a decline in his skills.

In addition, if Real Madrid participates in the recruitment of Kim Min-jae, the ransom price soars to the ceiling. Kim Min-jae is 190 cm tall and has the best defense and build-up ability in Serie A. This kind of center back resource is not common even if you search the whole of Europe.

Napoli signed Kim Min-jae on a five-year contract last summer. The deadline is generous, but there is a buyout clause.

The buyout clause will take 안전놀이터 effect next summer. Kim Min-jae can be recruited if the buyout amount of 44 million pounds (approximately 69.5 billion won) is paid to Napoli.

For Manchester United and Real Madrid, this amount of buyout is not a lot of money. Napoli is trying to get rid of this buyout clause by renewing the contract with Kim Min-jae, but there is nothing urgent for Kim Min-jae.

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