NBA Daily Injury Report (February 26): 5-game winning streak PHI stands in front of Eastern No. 1 BOS

Philadelphia, which has 5 consecutive wins, will go on a hunt for two rabbits, the first win against Boston this season and the 6th win in a row.

On the 26th (Korean time), the 2022-2023 NBA Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics game will be held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

It is a matchup with many things to see, such as rivalry, ranking competition, and Embiid and Tatum matchup. First of all, Boston is currently in first place in the Eastern Conference with 43 wins and 17 losses. It is a determination to further widen the gap with the second and third place through the victory on this day, which is running first in the overall win rate in the league.

On the other hand, Philadelphia, which is in third place in the East with a record of 39 wins and 19 losses, is not yet at the stage of giving up its No. 1 seed. They have yet to play two games less than Boston, and if they win the match today, they can narrow the gap to two games. Plus, Philadelphia is currently on a five-game winning streak.

However, they lost both matches against Boston this season. In the first confrontation, Jayson Tatum (24, 203cm) and Jaylen Brown (25, 198cm) knelt down allowing 70 points, and the second game loss was the perimeter defense that allowed the opponent 19 3-point shots. Philadelphia is showing a hot offense, averaging over 120 points over the last 10 games. In terms of offense, it is comparable to Boston, which boasts the best offense in the league. Therefore, in this game, the key is how well the defense organization will be harmonious.

The matchup between Joel Embiid (28, 213cm), the ace of both teams, and Tatum is also a point of interest. Embiid ranks second in scoring with an average of 33.0 points, and Tatum also ranks sixth in scoring with 30.6 points. In fact, in the previous two head-to-head matches, it was revealed that the two aces could not be easily stopped. If so, there is a high probability that it will eventually depend on whether the rest of the resources are active. James Harden (33, 196cm) and brown should be accompanied by the performance of the 2nd and 3rd option resources. 온라인바카라

In the midst of this, both teams are expected to go into the game with full power. Except for Dwayne Deadman (33, 211cm), there are no special colon variables. In addition, Aaron Gordon (27, 203cm) recently confirmed to miss 5 games in a row due to a rib injury, and it is known that he will not be able to participate in the game for the time being. [Injury update as of February 26, 8:30 am KST

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