Nongshim loses desperation…coach Heo Young-chul, “desperate performance”

Nongshim had the honor of being the first team in the league to reach the 10-loss mark. After watching the frustrating performance of the entire lineup, Nongshim head coach Heo Young-cheol said, “I feel hopeless.”

Nongshim, led by Heo Young-cheol, went 0-2 against T1 in the second round of the ‘2023 LOL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer on Thursday afternoon at Roll Park LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul. With their second straight loss, Nongshim became the first team to reach the 10-loss plateau and dropped to the bottom of the standings.

“Today’s game 메이저사이트 was a little more desperate than I thought,” said Nongshim coach Heo Young-cheol to the media after the game, “It’s not just a loss, but if it’s this kind of performance, I’m worried about what to do next week and where to start to improve. I felt that my performance was hopeless,” he said, expressing his complex feelings.

Lee ‘Sylvie’ Seung-bok, who also appeared in the loser’s interview, said, “It’s true that our performance was not good,” and added, “I think it would be really bad if we played like this again.”

Heo Young-cheol focused his feedback on the second-set defeat, where the bot and tower collapsed faster than in the first set, when they closed the gap despite the disadvantage. He expressed his frustration at being put into a situation where he could not perform at all in the scrim.

Nongshim set up a second-set Trundle-By-Vega-Kaissa-Nautilus combo, but an early bot collapse and a series of towers quickly gave away the lane lead, resulting in a 28-minute nexus.

“Set two we tried to take control. In the scrim, our laning didn’t break, but the competition didn’t. For the trundle top against Orn, it was a card we’ve been working on since spring. When we trade ultimates, he’s always at a disadvantage, but we couldn’t capitalize on that. After losing the first set, I think their mindset and mental game broke down faster.”

Coach Heo Young-cheol urged his players to be “desperate. “We need to be more desperate, we need to be thirsty for victory,” Heo said. But the players were joking around after the scrimmage feedback. The players should have a sense of urgency,” he said.

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