Park Chan-ho saw ‘their sweat’ at the training site of the WBC national team

What did Park Chan-ho see at the training site of the WBC national team?

KBS broadcasts a special feature ‘The Camp’ ahead of the opening of the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic). Consisting of six 10-minute documentaries, ‘The Camp’ is expected to leave a strong impression on viewers waiting for the WBC.

KBS 2TV will be on March 1st (Wed), 2nd (Thu), 3rd (Fri), 6th (Mon), 7th (Tue), 8th (Wed) at 7:40 pm WBC Special ‘More’ organized a camp. This broadcast closely covers the baseball team’s field training in the United States, which has been preparing for the WBC, and gives a glimpse into how the national team prepared for this tournament, including the current status of key players. KBS signboard commentator Park Chan-ho will also join the scene and deliver more vivid news.

Part 1, which will be broadcast on the 1st (Wednesday), is ‘The Birth of the National Team’, which contains the story of the baseball team until it was born. And in the second part, ‘The Stranger’, which captures the meeting of Korean baseball legend Park Chan-ho and the new major leaguer Kim Ha-sung, and in the third part, ‘The Tale of Two Batters’, which deals with KBO’s two hitters, Lee Jung-hoo and Kang Baek-ho, who have been rivals, not rivals, throughout their careers. It highlights the drama-like stories of the WBC national team players.

Then, on the 6th, the 4th episode, ‘Episode 8 of Promise’, the KBS commentators look back on their WBC history and look back on the historical match between Korea and Japan. On March 10th, at 7:00 pm, as the 2023 WBC preliminaries round 2 Korea-Japan match is scheduled, the attention of baseball fans is expected to gather. 바카라사이트

Part 5 of the 7th, ‘Director’s Loneliness’, tells the stories of coaches who struggled in the position of the national team coach, which is called the ‘Poisoned Holy Grail’. The last episode, on the 8th, Part 6, ‘Why WBC’, examines what we can achieve with WBC and the meaning of the WBC competition itself.

The WBC special ‘The Camp’ will be broadcast on KBS 2TV from March 1st to 3rd and 6th to 8th at 7:40 pm. At 12:05 am on the 8th, when the main broadcast up to part 6 is finished, a comprehensive version that combines all the contents up to part 6 is broadcast, and a time to ‘drive’ is also provided.

Meanwhile, the 2023 WBC Korean baseball team will start the tournament with the first match of the preliminary round against Australia at 12:00 pm on March 9 (Thursday).

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