Park Yong-taek “We have to win even if we play ‘Muk-chipa’ against Korea and Japan”

KBO’s representative star, LG Twins legend Park Yong-taek, together with ‘Korean Express’ Park Chan-ho, will be in charge of KBS’s 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic) on-site relay.

Commentator Park Yong-taek, a ‘speaker’ who has been matched with commentator Park Chan-ho, who is considered a ‘verbalist’, has already shown incomparable confidence, saying, “Comparison with other companies hurts my pride.”

Along with this, he said, “I went all the way to the United States to cover the WBC team,” and said, “I am so excited to be in charge of the broadcast itself, and I will properly resolve my regrets about the Taegeuk mark this time.” He said, “As I progressed after his retirement, I began to feel when I should hit and run,” he emphasized his confidence once again in the commentary.

Q. What does the WBC and the 2023 WBC relay mean to Commissioner Park Yong-taek?

I am very, very excited that I am now in charge of the WBC broadcast. He played many games as a baseball player and retired with a lot of hits, but if I had to point out the regrettable part, it was actually the Taegeuk mark. The 2006 WBC with Commissioner Park Chan-ho was the first and last tournament in a national team uniform after wearing a professional uniform, but unfortunately, something always happens before my at-bat, so I can hardly find my at-bat screen. In this broadcast, I plan to clear up my regrets.

Q. I heard that you went all the way to the US to cover the WBC team. How did you see it?

Our team players are in very good shape right now. Compared to previous years, we are more prepared. The batter side seems to be more than 100% ready, and there are players who haven’t risen yet on the pitcher side. But usually, veteran players don’t have to worry because they know how to step up. As one of the Korean baseball players, I went all the way to the United States this winter to cover for a long time with the heart of really preparing for this WBC. It was all for a very interesting broadcast on KBS.

Q. What do you think about the first match of the WBC qualifier against Australia and the second match against Japan?

The first match against Australia is the most important match in this WBC. The match must be won unconditionally regardless of fire and water. And the very next day is the match against Japan, and in that match, even if you finish second in the group, you can go up one level. But in Korea, the match between Korea and Japan is so important that you have to win even if you play ‘Mukjjipa’. So, we really have to put all our players’ abilities into the matches against Australia and Japan to solve them well. 안전놀이터

Q. I wonder how it will be with commentator Park Chan-ho.

Many people say that I am a ‘speaker’ and that Park Chan-ho is a ‘speaker’. So, there were actually quite a few stories among baseball fans saying, ‘If these two people relay, will the caster have something to say?’ Senior Park Chan-ho is a Korean player with the most experience in the major leagues, and I am the player with the most experience in the KBO league. Comparing it to other commentaries is a bit self-defeating. After I retired, I started to develop a sense of what moment I should hit and run. Also, caster Lee Kwang-yong is a caster who is very good at that part, so I don’t worry about that at all. KBS fighting!

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