Professional football Suwon Samsung, first win in 11 games…Incheon 1-0 victory

Suwon Samsung (5 points) finally sounded their first win 온라인카지노.

After opening 10 games (2 draws, 8 losses) without a win, the lowest ranked Suwon won 1-0 in an away game against Incheon United. This is the first 3 points scored this season.

Suwon fired head coach Lee Byung-geun on the 17th of last month, taking responsibility for the poor performance, and is now managing with the head coach Seong-yong Choi.

Suwon has appointed coach Kim Byung-soo, who led Gangwon FC, as the new head coach.

Coach Kim will go to the ground starting with the home game against Jeonbuk on the 10th.

With coach Kim watching from the stands, Suwon captain Lee Gi-je scored the opening goal in the 29th minute with his left foot.

Lee Gi-je’s left-footed free kick from the back of the penalty kick landed on the fly, passed goalkeeper Min Seong-jun’s hand, and shook the net.

Suwon faced a risk of conceding a goal in the 16th minute of the second half when Lee Gi-je and Han Ho-gang made a mistake while passing in the penalty area.

Zerso quickly rushed in and connected with a shot, but goalkeeper Yang Hyeong-mo fell and blocked it, and Incheon swallowed regret.

Even in the 35th minute of the second half, Yang Hyeong-mo saved the team.

Kwon Jin-jin, who caught the ball after a hassle at the gate and blocked it with a strong left-footed kick, hit Hyung-mo Yang, who advanced, and crossed the crossbar.

Afterwards, Incheon took the initiative and launched an offensive, but Suwon’s goal, which went into ‘hardening’ with the line lowered, did not open.

9th place Incheon (3 wins, 3 draws, 12 points), which suffered 5 losses, failed to jump to the middle ranks.

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