‘Replacement of humiliation’ Obameyang only touches 13 times… The director is “tired line”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang spent a humiliating 63 minutes.

Chelsea lost 0-1 to Manchester City in the 19th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at Stamford Bridge in London, England at 5 am (Korean time) on the 6th. With this, Chelsea are in 10th place with 7 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses (25 points).

Chelsea started with a 4-2-3-1 formation. Kai Havertz, Christian Pulisic, Raheem Sterling, Hakim Ziyech, Mateo Kovacic, Denis Zaccaria, Mark Cucurella, Kalidou Koulibaly, Thiago Silva, Cesar Azpilicueta, Kepa Arrizabalaga sortie with

Chelsea are already suffering from a lot of injuries, and bad news hit them in this match as well. Sterling was injured in the 2nd minute of the first half, and Aubameyang was put in in the 5th minute instead. It didn’t stop there. In the 16th minute of the first half, Pulisic suffered a strain on his ankle while shooting, and in the 22nd minute of the first half, Kani Chuquemeka entered.

In particular, the performance of replacement Aubameyang was quite low. Until he was replaced by Omari Hutchinson in 스포츠토토 the 23rd minute of the second half, he only touched the ball 13 times and did not record any offensive indicators such as shooting and creating chances. Aubame Yang shook his head in displeasure when he was replaced by 19-year-old Hutchinson.

In the middle, Chelsea took a knee 0-1 conceding a goal. In the 18th minute of the second half, Jack Grealish raised a ground ball cross from the left side of the penalty box, and Riyad Mahrez, who was rushing in, pushed it lightly. Mahrez’s goal was the winning goal.

After the match, Chelsea manager Graham Porter said of the removal of Aubameyang, “Aubameyang was rushed in early and he hadn’t played for a while. So he was replaced. Like Ziyech, I thought he was tired because he used a lot of energy. ” he pointed out.

Aubameyang joined Chelsea from Barcelona ahead of the season. Then the sluggishness followed. He only scored 1 goal in 9 EPL matches and 2 goals in 6 matches in the European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). In particular, in the league, substitutions are often pushed out due to competition for the starting position. In that situation, he even suffered a humiliating second replacement, losing his face.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are in an unprecedented slump. They are struggling to enter the TOP4 with 1 win, 3 draws and 4 losses in the recent 8 EPL matches.