‘Ruler Ending’ today too! JDG defeated BLG and advanced to the winners match final

JDG trampled on BLG, showing off their mighty fighting power, centered on Jaehyeok “Ruler” Park and Zuo Ding “Night”.

On the 14th (local time), JDG defeated BLG in the 2nd round of the bracket stage winners match of the ‘2023 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)’ held at Copper Box Arena in London, England.

At the beginning of the first set, with JDG holding a slight advantage, a team fight broke out over the Herald of the Canyon around the 10th minute. JDG gave up Thresh-Khazix and killed Ari-Aphelios, adding wings to their growth. BLG set out to find a bow by building dragon stacks and pursuing kill scores with ‘Shin’ Nidalee at the forefront, but JDG again scored a lot in the second gorge messenger teamfight at 17 minutes, and BLG was defeated. In the end, JDG defeated BLG in 24 minutes with Ari-Aphelios at the fore and took the first set.

BLG gave Fiora to ‘Bin’, and JDG ‘Knight’ chose Xante. BLG opened the fight more boldly than in the first set, and in particular, achieved significant results by trying to check the ‘Ruler’ jinx. However, ‘Elk’ Aphelios made a mistake and left JDG room for a counterattack. In the end, JDG demolished the Nexus in the 39th minute and won the second set, advancing to the top round 토토사이트.

Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok’s ability came out once again in the third set. ‘Ruler’ Jerry perfectly suppressed BLG from the early and mid-half with 7 kills and 3 assists in 18 minutes. JDG’s allies also showed fantastic ping-pong during the battle and played an active role in raising the ace without losing personnel. BLG also attempted a counterattack with the Baron buff and 4 additional kills in the 23rd minute, but was swept away by Jerry “Lulu” who was calmly looking at the deal angle in the 28th minute and could not continue the flow. JDG ended the game with Ace in the 37th minute after a battle of nerves against BLG.

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