Samsung Bioepis and Hyundai Autoever run toward the beauty of the end

The two teams that have yet to face victory are getting stronger.

Wilson Cup 2022-2023 assist worker basketball league held by assist last November. While the group stage schedule for a total of 7 weeks is underway at the Tancheon Gymnasium in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, the schedule for the 5th week was successfully completed on the 19th, and the schedule is already coming to an end.

Since it is a working professional basketball league that has been revived after about 3 years after breaking through the Corona 19 incident, a total of 12 teams participating in this competition are directing fierce and best matches in every game.

Currently, the competition for 1st and 2nd place in the group for the semi-final tournament is fierce, but it is the struggle of the underdogs that draws attention. 온라인카지노 All teams are the same, but teams that have not yet accumulated a lot of wins are increasing communication to match team members’ organizational skills as they are playing real matches after a long time, and are doing their best in their roles.

Looking at the current group rankings up to the 5th week, Hyundai Autoever in Group A and Samsung Bioepis in Group B remain at the bottom with all four losses in the preliminary round.

With one qualifier game left each, these two teams are spending more diligent time to reap the beauty of the end.

The result is a total defeat, but there were definitely some regrettable games that almost faced victory. First of all, Hyundai Autoever was like that at the official opening game of this competition. Hyundai Autoever, who met National Treasure Design in the first game, lost 54-58.

At the time, Kim Yong-hyun made a big success with 22 points and 14 rebounds, but the team as a whole was pushed back in the rebound and turnover fight and swallowed regret. Since then, Hyundai Autoever has been on a losing streak with a rather large score difference, but as Kim Yong-hyun is struggling with double-digit scores in every game, a reversal in the last game is also worth looking forward to.

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