‘Seoul National University sprinter’ Lee Jin-hee “Choosing to study is a godsend”

Da-yoon Park (20, Seoul National University), who was called a track and field prospect enough to be named as a candidate for the national team standing guard, caused a calm repercussion throughout the domestic sports world as a ‘study player’.

He gave up joining the unemployment team early and devoted himself to his studies. He did not miss the 1st grade in all three years of high school even though he led his body through hard training. As a result, last year, he entered the Department of Physical Education (class of 22) at Seoul National University’s College of Education, which did not have a special admissions process for physical education, and drew attention.

The Korean sports world is also considered a ‘model case’ that demonstrated that club-type professional sports systems such as those in the United States and Japan that combine exercise and study are possible.

Lee Jin-hee (21), Park Da-yoon’s school alumni and one year senior, is also one of the ‘study players’.

Lee Jin-hee, who competed in the 100m preliminaries in the women’s college general division of the ’51st KBS National Athletics Championships’ held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongbuk on the 5th, competed with prominent domestic top-ranking athletes.

Her time was 14.57, which placed her last in the group. Rather than feeling embarrassed that she had come in last, her regret for not breaking her personal best record was stronger.

“I joked with my schoolmates that ’30m will be a difference’, but I expected it from the moment I came out,” he said with a broad smile. I couldn’t,” he regretted.

Jin-hee Lee is her case, until she was in her first year of middle school, she dreamed of becoming a professional physical education, but then gave up and devoted herself only to her studies.

After agonizing over his future career and future while entering middle school, he gave up sports early on half of his own will. Afterwards, he dreamed of becoming a secondary school teacher and went on to a general high school, and entered the Department of Physical Education at Seoul National University through an occasional selection process.

His relationship with athletics, which seemed to end when he chose to study, continued last year. “My department recommends joining the athletic team. So, I started the tennis club at first, but it didn’t suit me, so I quit and chose the track and field team.” I have a desire to run,” he said.

Lee Jin-hee, who devoted time to track and field training twice a week after school for two hours, competed in her first official competition at her national track and field championships in June of last year, where she ran 14.85 a year later. 0.28 seconds was shortened between them.

Lee Jin-hee said, “It’s ridiculous to win against professional athletes. I’m going to prepare for the appointment test from next year, so I just want to shorten my record quickly.” I think I will,” he said, burning his will.

Seoul National University is determined to show that there are ‘students who exercise and players who study’ with a total of 5 participants including Jinhee Lee, Dayoon Park, Junseo Lee, Wonwoo Kim, and Minjun Kim. She said, “(Park) Dayun seems to have some influence. There is a prejudice that athletes can’t study, but thanks to her hard work, the image of athletes and the image of Seoul National University’s physical education department have changed a lot,” she says. .

Lee Jin-hee, who firmly said, “I have no regrets” about giving up track and field, also left serious advice for juniors who are currently struggling with sports and studies.

토스카지노 “It was a godsend that I chose to study faster than the odds of continuing to exercise. It is important to prioritize what you want. Only then can you approach a clear future. Even if you exercise, you must study at the same time. Jinhee Lee, emphasizing that “I do,” added, “If I become a secondary school teacher, I want to contribute to the development of track and field even a little bit.”

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