Standing in Jeonju, the future chosen by KCC… Kim Joon-young and Lee Sol-min “It’s an honor”

“It’s a lot of trembling and it’s an honor.”

Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on January 31st, where Jeonju KCC and Anyang KGC faced each other in the 4th round of the 2022-23 season. Prior to the match, a special event was held. The future chosen by KCC, Joon-Young Kim and Sol-Min Lee held a nomination ceremony for their respective players.

Since 2018, KBL has introduced a youth related player system to revitalize professional basketball and regional connections and foster youth players. 메이저사이트 A system was created to recruit youth players under the age of 14 who were not registered with the Korea Basketball Association without a draft after graduating from high school.

KCC already has 3 related players, namely Kim Seung-bin, Lee Seo-jun, and Nam Hyun-woo, and Kim Jun-young and Lee Sol-min became the 4th and 5th designated players.
On this day, captains Chang-young Jeong and Ung Heo attended, highlighting the nomination ceremony for related players. Kim Joon-young said, “I was very nervous and it was an honor. I will work harder in the future,” said Lee Sol-min, “I was nervous at first, 안전놀이터 but later it was really fun. It is an honor,” he said.

For Kim Joon-young and Lee Sol-min, it was a special day besides the nomination ceremony for their respective players. This is because all the players the two players liked were standing on one court. Kim Joon-young was a fan of Heo Woong and Byun Jun-hyung, and Lee Sol-min was a fan of Jeon Jun-beom and La Gun-ah, and they all played the game on the same day.

Kim Joon-young said, “I like Heo Woong because he is good at dribbling and shooting. Lee Sol-min said, “I was originally a fan of Jeon Jun-beom, but now I also like La Gun-ah. He wants to learn how to play under the net.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sol-min is also the son of head coach Lee Dong-yeop of the women’s volleyball team. Lee Sol-min, who was born into a volleyball family, smiled and said, “I get asked a lot about my choice of basketball,” and “Basketball is more fun than volleyball.”

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