“Thank you, Director Kim Seong-geun”… Unknown independent baseball team player wrote a miracle

“I really want to say thank you to director Kim Seong-geun and my seniors.”

Park Chan-hee (22), a catcher who played for the Paju Challengers, an independent baseball team, dramatically wore a professional uniform. On the 18th, Park Chan-hee signed a contract with the NC Dinos as a training player and joined the C Team (2nd Division) spring camp in Changwon. Park Chan-hee did not forget to express his gratitude to coach Kim Seong-geun, who led the TV entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’ and the strongest baseball, which actually prepared a stepping stone for his dream stage.

Park Chan-hee said through the NC club on the 21st, “In a situation where I was able to give up my dream of becoming a baseball player, I came to this opportunity by appearing on a program like a gift. I want to say thank you to the PD, many staff members, coach Kim Seong-geun and seniors.” He expressed his feelings.

Park Chan-hee graduated from Cheongwon High School and Inha University and went to the rookie draft in 2023, but his name was not called in the end. Despite his setbacks, he never gave up on his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. Park Chan-hee joined Paju Challengers from last month and continued his playing career, waiting for his opportunity to join the pros.

NC watched Park Chan-hee’s potential and handed over the contract, albeit belatedly. It was a decision to strengthen the catcher’s depth rather than reinforcing the first team’s home room right away. As soon as Park Chan-hee received special hitting training from manager Kim Seong-geun in the strongest baseball, he continued to show his talent in the offense and defense, hitting a home run at the plate and even taking on the role of the starting catcher. If he shows steady growth in NC, he can seize a chance at the first team stage later.

Park Chan-hee said, “I joined the team training, but I don’t think about anything else and it’s really fun. I can only focus on baseball, and the team atmosphere seems bright. Coach Ji Seok-hoon, who I played with, also said congratulations.” Coach Ji has been working as a defensive coach for the NC C team since November of last year. 바카라

I was not satisfied with wearing a professional uniform right away, but promised to train harder. Park Chan-hee said, “I know my place well. I graduated from university and joined the team with difficulty, so I want to show my best in a short time. I want to refine my skills and play more skillfully and comfortably. I want to show you what I’m good at,” he said.

He also said he wanted to become a player supported by NC fans. Park Chan-hee said, “I want to become a player who fans are more curious about in the future. I want to become a player who continues to look forward to the future. I will work hard as I got the opportunity after a difficult time.”

He did not forget to say goodbye to his family who must have suffered together. Park Chan-hee said, “I am really happy to have joined the team more than anyone else, and I will do my best to show her proud son to her mother who shed tears.”

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