The birth of a new dynasty with three consecutive defeats… Korean Air embraces the world

the championship. do. This is because they believe that they monopolized the championship with unrivaled results for three years. Not only in Korea, but also in English-speaking countries, when a certain club wins three consecutive titles, they express their awe with the expression ‘Dynasty’.

In the V-League, which was launched in 2005, in the women’s division, no team has ever won three consecutive championships, and in the men’s division, only Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance enjoyed the privilege of expressing itself as a dynasty. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, led by coach Shin Chi-yong, lifted the championship trophy for seven consecutive years from the 2007-2008 season to the 2013-2014 season. Although the top spot in the regular league was lost in the 2008-2009 season (Hyundai Capital) and the 2010-2011 season (Korean Air), Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s unique DNA was activated and defeated opponents without a doubt.

‘Samsung Fire Dynasty’ took first place in the regular league in the 2014-2015 season, but ended with a shocking three-game defeat in the champion match against OK Savings Bank (now OK Financial Group) in its second year in the championship match. . Since then, Samsung Fire & Marine has not been able to climb even once in the championship game. 안전놀이터

After the fall of the Samsung Fire Dynasty, the second dynasty finally appeared in the V-League men’s division, which had developed into the Spring and Autumn Period. Even at the beginning of the V-League, Korean Air, which had a strong image of ‘third place in 10,000 years’, was pushed by Hyundai Capital, which formed a ‘Yanggang’ composition with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

In the 2022-20203 V-League men’s championship match (3 wins from 5 matches) held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium on the 3rd, Korean Air showed off a ‘reverse sweep’ in which they won three sets even after losing the first two sets to Hyundai Capital, winning 3-2 ( 23-25 ​​13-25 25-22 25-17 15-11) I won. Korean Air, which caught the 3rd game following the 1st and 2nd games, officially announced the birth of the’Korean Air Dynasty’ by achieving a’three integrated championships’ that dominated the regular league and championship from the 2020-2021 season. Not only winning the championship, but also achieving first place in the regular league for three consecutive years means that they reigned as the strongest team not only in short-term matches but also in long-term races.

Including the 2017-2018 season, which was Korean Air’s first win in the V-League Championship, it has won four of the last five championships. The V-League men’s division from the late 2010s to the early 2020s is literally the ‘heyday of Korean Air’.

The driving force behind the birth of the Korean Air dynasty is thanks to a solid system led by setter Han Seon-sun. In the 2007-2008 rookie draft, a player wearing a Korean Air uniform with 2nd place in the 2nd round did not receive much attention even in the beginning of his debut, as can be seen from the nomination rankings, but through constant effort and exhausting training, he has been playing for 3 years since the 2010-2011 season. He led Korean Air to consecutive championships and rose to become a top-notch setter.

Player Han, who was defeated by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance for three consecutive seasons, further polished the toss, and as he got older, the game management that became more skillful and the witty toss work combined, he grew into the best setter in name and reality. Afterwards, as he formed the ‘Senior Seat Trio’ with junior outside hitters Jeong Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok, Han’s game management ability and toss reached the peak, overcoming the sadness of being a victim of the Samsung Fire Dynasty in the early part of his career, and making his V-League debut 16 years Cha became the captain of the Korean Air Dynasty at the age of 39 in Korean age.

In this championship game, Han also led Korean Air to a 3-game winning streak with ‘efficiency volleyball’, which focused the toss to the striker who was in the best condition on the day and the game management that was hardly shaken even in a crisis situation. Thanks to these performances, he received 23 out of 31 votes as a result of the press vote, and was selected as the MVP of the championship with 74.2% of the votes. Following the 2017-2018 season, this is the second championship MVP in his life.

Player Han said, “It feels good to win three consecutive championships,” and “This season seems to be mourning. The older I get, the more precious each year is,” he said, revealing tears for a moment. Han Seon-soo, who is contemplating his retirement, said, “I am trying to put it down little by little, but I feel the weight. I still have to endure, so I intend to endure until the end. The goal is to play until the age of 42, but it depends on the receiving of the team members,” he smiled.

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