The son of a baseball team owner is the perpetrator… Investigation launched into ‘high school baseball’ abuse allegations

The son of a current professional baseball team manager has been named as a perpetrator of school violence, and the Center for Sports Ethics launched an investigation today.

On the 18th, multiple media outlets reported that a baseball player at a high school in Seoul was constantly harassed by three of his classmates, and that one of the perpetrators was the son of a professional baseball team manager.

The victim’s mother said, “The son of the baseball team manager took the lead in harassing my child,” but the manager of Team A, who was named as the father of the victim, strongly denied the allegations, saying, “The allegations are not true.”

According to one media outlet, the facts of the case are as follows In November of last year, the student reported the bullying to the coach, but the coach dismissed the case as a minor incident. However, after that, the situation worsened as the bully’s behavior towards the student became more violent.

As the controversy continued to escalate, the Center for Sports Ethics opened an investigation into the incident on February 22.

The Sports Ethics Center is an independent organization that investigates human rights violations and irregularities in sports by integrating the reporting functions of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Association in the wake of the 2019 short track sexual assault case.

The reason for the agency’s action is that it is a clear violation of the law that officials, such as the school’s baseball team manager, did not report the incident to the center even though they knew about it.

The National Sports Promotion Act states, “Any person prescribed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, such as a sports coach, athlete, athlete management personnel, and the mayor, county governor, or mayor’s office, shall immediately report to the Sports Ethics Center or an investigative agency any human rights violations or sports irregularities that he or she becomes aware of or suspects” (Article 18(4)).

스포츠토토 In this case, the incident was reported by the victim’s homeroom teacher, and the school had already completed its own investigation. On the 24th, it was revealed that the case will be handed over to the School Violence Review Committee of the Ministry of Education after discussions with the School Violence Task Force.

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