‘Three-hour bloody battle recorded by my hand’… Going to the recording class held for the first time in 3 years

If the bloody battle of 3 hours and 15 minutes in professional baseball can be expressed at a glance on two sheets of paper, there will be no more attractive work than this.

The 2023 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Recording Class was held for three days from the 16th at the New Millennium Hall of Konkuk University in Seoul. This class boasted such high heat that 200 people were closed in 38 seconds.

What is noteworthy is that the ratio of female students exceeded that of male students for the first time in 41 years in the class that started in 1982, the first year of professional baseball. A KBO official said, “In the Seoul class held at Konkuk University, the number of male and female students was 93 and 107, respectively.”The age group is also getting lower and lower. 토토사이트 For this Seoul workshop, 5 people in their teens, 128 people in their 20s, 45 people in their 30s, 14 people in their 40s, and 8 people in their 50s registered for the course. Chul-hoon Jin, official scorer of the KBO, said, “I can feel that the age group of students has been steadily lowering over the past few years. Perhaps it is because the younger generation is accustomed to registering for courses in which time is running out, and the success rate is high.”

Like the record of closing in 38 seconds, the actual course heat was high. The students did not waste time during breaks and constantly asked the recorders what they were curious about. The types of questions were diverse, from the part I was curious about in the lecture to the recording method in the game situation that I was curious about.Kim Mo (23), a college student who was taking notes on a tablet PC, said, “Baseball is a sport of records, but I applied because there is no place that teaches me about records.” I think I will have more fun when I watch the game.”

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