Trade rumor Kim Ha-seong to Boston?

Interest in Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres, photo) is growing as infielders continue to move in a chain in the American professional baseball Major League (MLB). In particular, large shortstops who have appeared in the free agent (FA) market are looking for new teams one after another, and the possibility of a chain move is increasing.

Ahead of this season, a large number of shortstops worthy of being called the Big 4, including Trey Turner, Carlos Correa, Sander Bohartz, and Dansby Swanson, 카지노.appeared on the free agent market, and infielders moved more than ever.

In particular, San Diego has become a team full of infield resources, including star Fernando Tatis Jr., who is recovering from injury, and Kim Ha-sung, as well as Bohartz. On the 12th, Geopo Uta infielder Nelson Cruz was recruited, and Ha-seong Kim’s position is gradually narrowing. If Bohartz plays shortstop, Kim Ha-seong has to move to second base or retire to the bench.

Naturally, rumors of Kim Ha-sung’s trade continue. The Boston Red Sox, Bohartz’s original team, is a representative example. Besides Boston, the Miami Marlins and Atlanta Braves are also interested in signing an infielder, but Boston is evaluated as the most urgent. The Gloucester Daily Times wrote, “Ha-seong Kim is a right-handed hitter with long hitting power, and his salary is relatively small,” and Boston media NESN also mentioned Ha-seong Kim first, picking eight shortstops worth recruiting.

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