‘Trophy in one month of transfer’ Oh Hyun-kyu, the winning parade begins now

Oh Hyun-gyu lifted his third championship cup since his professional debut.

Celtic won 2-1 against Rangers in the 2022-23 Scottish League Cup final held at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 27th. With this, Celtic reached the top of the competition for the second consecutive time following last season.

On this day, Celtic operated a 4-3-3 formation. Maeda, Furuhashi, and Jota were in the forefront, while Hatate, McGregor, and Mui formed the midfield. The back 4 was paired with Tyler, Starfeld, Carter-Vickers and Johnston, with Hart in goal. Hyungyu Oh sat on the bench.

The zero balance was broken by Celtic at the end of the first half. In the 44th minute of the first half, Tyler’s grounder cross from the left side was lightly pushed by Furuhashi from the goal, scoring the opening goal. Celtic widened the score gap. In the 11th minute of the second half, Hatate, who received a pass from Mui, immediately connected the ball to the center, and Furuhashi, rushing in, succeeded in scoring.

The Rangers didn’t back down either. In the 19th minute of the second half, a hassle occurred in the free kick situation. At this time, Morelos finished the chase and started the chase. Celtic took out Furuhashi in the 31st minute of the second half and put Oh Hyun-gyu in to change the attack. Activeness shined. Oh Hyeon-kyu was cautioned for committing a foul within 3 minutes of being put in. After that, he did not show flashing moves, but he contributed to the team’s first win of the season.

With this, Oh Hyun-kyu will lift the 3rd championship cup since his professional debut. Oh Hyun-kyu won the FA Cup in the Suwon Samsung uniform in the 2019 season. At the time, Oh Hyun-kyu did not step on the final stage, but he had one assist in the semi-final.

The second win was achieved in the 2021 season. Oh Hyun-kyu, who was playing for Gimcheon Sangmu at the time, helped the team to win the K-League 2 championship. Oh Hyeon-kyu played 33 games and scored 5 goals and 3 assists, and performed well.

After moving to Celtic, I was able to lift the championship cup in a month. But the winning parade is just the beginning. Celtic currently leads the Scottish Premiership with a record of 24 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (73 points) from 26 games, beating 2nd place Rangers (64 points). If this is the case, the chances of winning are very high. 온라인바카라

In addition, the Scottish Cup has also reached the quarterfinals. As he won the most championships in this competition with 40, there is a high possibility that he will challenge for the championship this season as well. If Celtic wins both competitions, they will be able to achieve the treble in three seasons after the 2019-20 season.

On the other hand, Oh Hyun-gyu posted a picture of the victory on his personal SNS after the game with the phrase “Great team. We will never stop! Thank you for your support.”

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