Two weeks in detention…KFA steps up for Son Jun-ho…to China as early as next week

With the detention of South Korean midfielder Son Jun-ho (31-Shandong) in China still showing no signs of release, officials from the Korean Football Association (KFA) will travel to China to meet with him.

Son has been under investigation by public security since Dec. 12 in connection with match-fixing at his club, Shandong Taishan.

On the 17th, the Korean consul met with him for an interview, but he was unable to comment on the case, and two weeks have passed without knowing the exact reason for his detention.

In response, the KFA decided to take a more proactive approach. KFA CEO Jeon Han-jin and a lawyer have applied for a Chinese visa and are waiting for the results 토토사이트.

“It will take some time for the visa to come through. He will be traveling to China as early as next week,” explaining, “We will go to where the consulate is, and then we will move together to get the information we need and do what we can locally.”

However, the likelihood of a face-to-face meeting with Son is still not high.

“We need to have some idea of what’s going on, but this time we have no information at all,” the KFA official said. “Even the Chinese Football Association (CFA) officials told us, ‘There’s nothing we can do because it’s not about football, it’s about public security,'” he added.

Son, who was detained at the airport while trying to return home, still hasn’t been able to contact his family and is struggling alone.

One soccer insider said, “It’s already impossible for him to be called up for the June A-match. It is now a serious stage where we have to worry about his career.”

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