Ukraine SON Already a Chelsea player, what’s the use, “Arsenal is better”

“Arsenal would be more suitable than Chelsea.”

Mihailo Mudrik is a Ukrainian winger born in 2001. He can digest both his left and right sides and is equipped with multi-ability to play as a central midfielder depending on the situation.

In particular, the fast speed and free use of both feet are similar, so the modifier Son Heung-min of Ukraine was attached.

Big clubs have shown interest in Mudrik. Arsenal promoted the signing first, but Chelsea succeeded in intercepting it by betting 100 million euros (approximately 134 billion won). He left Shakhtar Donetsk and entered the British stage. 스포츠토토

In his Chelsea debut, Mudrik was evaluated as the best player with his amazing two-footed dribbling and powerful shooting. Even after that, he is invigorating the attack.

However, it is said that Moudrik would suit Arsenal better than Chelsea.

“It’s good to be in a team that can produce the best results,” said Andres Carrasco, who coached Mudriq with the Shakhtar U-19 team. Adaptation is required. Time will tell,” he said, looking forward to his performance.

He added, “Mudrik’s style of enjoying 1:1 play through dribbling could be more suitable for Arsenal. I think that would have been a better decision.”

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