WBC Ranking Korea ranked 10th humiliated, Japan topped 3… ML Official Site Prospect

Korea Electric Power only ranks 10th out of 20 countries?

The opening of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) is approaching. Of course, the goal of the teams participating in the competition is to win, and advance to the semifinals in Miami, USA. However, there are many strong teams, and the designated seats are limited. You must prove your qualifications with your skills.

If so, how will the US view the Korean military power that is aiming for the US? The anticipation is shocking. Of course, it may be because I do not have accurate information or knowledge about Korean baseball, but I placed Korea at a lower rank than Canada or Italy.

Journalists Tim Leitch and Mike Petriello of the US Major League Baseball’s official site, ‘MLB.com,’ selected the ‘TOP 10’ participating countries. The two placed Korea in 10th place. Considering that Canada is 8th and Italy is 9th, this is a humiliating ranking for Korea.

Regarding the Korean national team, Reichi pointed out that “Korea has recently encountered a travel problem,” and pointed out the fact that coach Lee Kang-cheol and many of the players struggled to move due to a plane breakdown when they came to Korea from the United States, causing poor physical condition.

Reichi continued, ‘Because I came across the KBO League in the early days of the Corona 19 pandemic, Korea will be one of my favorite teams. There are several major leaguers, the most famous being Tommy Edman and Ha-Sung Kim. And there is KBO MVP Lee Jung-hoo, who is likely to come to the major leagues next year.” “Korea will be able to pass Group B. This means that we can see Lee Jung-hoo on the biggest stage,” he explained.

Rather than an analysis by an expert, it is about Korea that anyone with even the slightest interest in baseball can understand. 이브벳 토토

The two selected the Dominican Republic in first place, the United States in second, and Japan in third. In the case of Dominique, it was praised as ‘the best lineup ever’. The lineup is overwhelming, including Julio Guez, Juan Soto, Manny Machado, Rafael Devers, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Although major players are missing from the U.S., there are plenty of star players such as Trey Turner, Mookie Mets, Mike Trout, Paul Goldschmidt, Pete Alonso, and Nolan Arenado.

Analysis of Japan is interesting. “It’s hard to believe, but Japan has top-notch non-MLB players,” Petriello said of Japan. American fans may not be familiar with Munetaka Murakama, Loki Sasaki, and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Dominica and the US agree that they have an advantage over Japan, but the gap is not large. We can group them into three great teams.”

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