“When I see the attribution, I want to make fun of something”

After setting a new team record for the longest winning streak with nine consecutive victories, KT Rolster players have been making fun of “Gi-in” Kim Ki-in lately. “When I see him, I want to make fun of him,” Kwak “Biddy” Bo-seong said with a smile, “and it seems like everyone thinks the same thing.

KT won their 2023 LCK Summer Split match against Hanwha Life Esports 2-1 on the afternoon of the 13th at the Grand Seoul Roll Park LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul. With their ninth consecutive win, KT became the second team to reach the 10-win plateau (10-1), behind only ZENGE Esports. 메이저놀이터

With the win, KT surpassed the previous team’s longest winning streak (eight). Hanwha Life, on the other hand, failed to win three straight games and suffered their fifth loss of the season (6-1).

“It was an important match today and I’m glad we won,” said Kwak Bo-sung in a post-match interview, adding, “It would be nice to win the most sets in a row, but I wasn’t too conscious of it, I just thought it would feel good to do it.”

KT faced a crisis early in the third set when Kim “Zeca” Gun-woo lost five kills to Akali. “We should have focused on Akali in the early game and played a line game, but I lost all my skills and mana in the jungle fight at level 3,” he said. “Akali had a chance to grow, but we were able to win because we had a combination advantage.”
KT’s nine-game winning streak broke the team’s previous record for most consecutive wins (eight). “I think it means a lot,” he said of his best stock price since joining KT. “Even when I come to the stadium, I think I’m going to win,” he said, “because we’re doing so well right now. I don’t usually think about losing to any team in particular.”

Along with KT’s winning streak, the talk of the town is the team’s YouTube channel. It features videos of the team’s inner workings, and the latest topic of conversation has been the players’ teasing of Kim Ki-in. “When I see him, I want to make fun of something, and everyone seems to think the same way,” said Kwak Bo-seong. “When one person makes fun of him, everyone makes fun of him, and it’s just because the reaction is funny,” he laughed.

When asked if he felt like he should be angry when he was teased, he said, “I think that’s why I do it more.” He added, “If I don’t respond, I don’t respond because it’s not funny, but if I don’t respond, I think it’s a response. That’s why we tease him. He talks a lot when he’s excited. I think it makes him feel good. This helps the team harmony. It’s a good team atmosphere. It’s good to play with each other,” he added.

“They are a relatively weak team, but we will not let our guard down and prepare well so that we can win,” said Kwak. “We will improve our skills so that we can perform better on important stages. I hope you’ll give us a lot of support.”

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