Where is the key to the 8th place KOGAS rebound entering the All-Star break?

Gas Corporation enters the all-star break.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation has a busy road ahead. Since the beginning of the season, it has not been able to rise to the top ranks, so it has remained in the bottom ranks and is currently in 8th place. There were many reasons for being at the bottom of the list. At the beginning of the season, he had a headache with a 3-point shot that didn’t go in, and the foreign player who was expected to be responsible for the team’s scoring was sluggish. 1 Option Yushu Silver pottery was 211 cm tall and attracted attention, but it was not threatening at all. 토토사이트

The 3-point ups and downs are still there, but they’re not as difficult as they were at the beginning of the season. While recovering, he is making an average of 7.1 three-pointers (5th in the league), and the success rate is 33.7% (6th in the league). In addition, foreign players were replaced. In fact, he sent Eun Do-ye, who played as the second option, and recruited director Yoo Do-hoon and Devon Scott, who had a relationship in Incheon E-Land. After Scott came, we won 1 game, but lost 1 game.

The bad physical condition of the domestic players was a big factor. Hyo-Geun Jeong is out of line due to a slight tear in his knee cartilage, and Dae-Heon Lee has a partial tear in his shoulder ligaments. Nevertheless, Lee Dae-heon is participating in the game, and Lee Dae-seong is playing with injuries to his wrist and back muscles. Furthermore, Murphy Holloway played more than 30 minutes in 8 consecutive games before Scott came, and his stamina fell, and fatigue accumulated. Chabawi and Joshoyeol also recovered the injured part, but the body did not rise to 100%.The all-star break is the rebounding point for KOGAS. Jeong Hyo-geun returns, and players who have been playing with pain have time to recover. Also, Scott and domestic players can work together. I played with Scott during E-Land, but it was only 15 games, and it is an essential process because new players joined Gas Corporation.

There are also players who need to personally recover from sluggishness. Jeon Hyeon-woo is also due to the reduced playing time recently, but he has been scoreless in 5 consecutive games. He has to recover his long shot, the 3-point shot. Sam Joseph Belrangel also digested an average of 20 minutes or more in 11 games at the beginning of the season, but has not played more than 20 minutes since last December 9th. We need to find a bold play for the aggressive look that coach Yoo Hoon wants.

Coach Yoo Hoon Yoo said during the break, “We plan to differentiate between the lineup of domestic players using Murphy and the lineup using Scott. He said, “Since Scott is a player with advantages in passing and management, we need a lineup that can maximize the offensive power of domestic players.”

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